‘Counting On’ vs ‘Welcome to Plathville’: Are The Duggars Being Pushed Off TLC For the Plath Family?

Looks like Counting On might have a little competition on its hands. TLC is getting ready to launch a new series titled Welcome To Plathville, which documents the lives of a conservative Christian family from Georgia — and it might compete with Counting On for the top spot on the network. Are the Plaths pushing the Duggars off TLC?

Duggar family Counting On TLC
‘Counting On’ stars the Duggar family | Photo by Ida Mae Astute/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

TLC launches new show to compete with ‘Counting On’

The new series follows a couple from Georgia who, like Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, are a pair of fundamentalist Christians with a whole lot of children. The Plaths have a total of nine kiddos, which might be 10 shy of the Duggars but it still puts them outside of the norm.

They also share similar beliefs as the Duggars, though we have to say they actually might be a bit more extreme. Counting On fans have accused the Duggars of sheltering their children for years, but just wait until they see the Plaths.

According to Yahoo, the Plath children have never eaten cotton candy, tried a Coke, or ventured to a gym. A few of the kids also have no idea who Spider-Man or Tom Brady are, which is truly bizarre.


That will all change, of course, once TLC cameras invade the Plath farm and the children get a taste of the real world. In fact, one of their kids, Moriah Plath, is already having doubts about how she was raised.

In a trailer for the new show, the 16-year-old reveals that her parents often think she is the opinionated one out of the bunch and that she does not always see eye to eye with them.

“I don’t agree with everything [my parents] say and think,” she stated.

Inside the Plath family

The Welcome to Plathville stars are led by Kim and Barry Plath, who live on a massive farm in Georgia with eight of their nine children: Ethan, 21, Micah, 18, Moriah, 17, Lydia, 13, Isaac, 12, Amber, 10, Cassia, 8, and Mercy, 6. Their second-oldest, Hosanna, 20, no longer lives at home.

The couple has raised their children with almost no technology and limited influence from the outside world. Not only do the children not play video games, but they also do not have a TV in their house.

Although the parents have kept their children sheltered, they are starting to discover things as they get older.

The oldest in the bunch, Ethan, for example, has learned a lot about the outside world since getting married to his wife, Olivia, who was not raised in a conservative family like the Plaths.

And with TLC camera crews now covering them, the children are expected to get even more out of their shells. After all, that is exactly what happened to the Duggars following 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On.

Are any of the Plaths married?

Like the Duggars, a few members of the Plath family have tied the knot. Ethan and Olivia recently exchanged vows and just moved into the same house together.

Hosanna is also reportedly married to a pianist, Timothy Nobel, with whom she tours the country. The two walked down the aisle earlier this year.

It is unclear if any of the other children are dating, though at 18 years old, Moriah is probably the next one who will be on the hunt for love. Considering how she is the rebel of the group, things could heat up fast.

Given their conservative upbringing, it will be interesting to see how the Plaths approach dating. In the Counting On world, the Duggars have strict rules when it comes to relationships and only allow their children to court.

They also do not allow a lot of physical contact during the courting process, chaperone dates, and keep tabs on text messages.

That might seem like a pretty strict approach to dating, but it sounds like the Plaths might have them beat.

Either way, there is little doubt that fans will react similarly to whatever the Plaths throw their way, which could make things interesting for Counting On.

Welcome to Plathville is scheduled to premiere Nov. 5 on TLC.