‘Counting On’: What Prompted Jinger Duggar’s Wardrobe Metamorphosis

Jinger Duggar’s marriage to Jeremy Vuolo didn’t seem particularly out of the ordinary. The couple met, quickly fell in love and were married shortly after that. It was a classic Duggar courtship. The couple, however, seemingly deviated from the traditional Duggar path as soon as the rings were slipped on their fingers. Not only did Jinger move away from the family’s Arkansas compound, but she waited a whole year to announce her first pregnancy. Now, it looks like the mother of one is marching to the beat of her own drummer, and her wardrobe is strolling right along with her. So, what caused Jinger’s wardrobe metamorphosis, exactly?

Jinger ditched the dresses first

Years before she went blonde, Jinger showed off her legs in pants and shorts. The Duggar daughter nearly broke the internet when she donned her first pair of jeans, and she hasn’t stopped since. According to The Hollywood Gossip, Jeremy has offered sermons on the topic before, and he thinks pants are a perfectly fine clothing choice for ladies.

Jinger is also spending a lot of time dressing her little girl the same way. Jinger and Jeremy’s only child, Felicity, has been spotted in jeans and leggings plenty of times during her first year of life, and fans think she’s by far the cutest Duggar baby on the block.

Jill Duggar, who’s long been considered the family goody-goody, has also ditched the skirts in favor of pants on occasion. She took it a step further than her baby sister, though, and pierced her nose, too. Fans kind of expected Jinger to break free, but Jill was a bit of a surprise.

Jinger finds out if blondes really do have more fun

Back in June 2019, Jinger set the internet on fire with her blond locks. The previously-brunette beauty shocked her audience with the dye-job, something that no other Duggar has even considered. The bright blonde received mixed reactions from fans. Some were happy to see Jinger trying something different, while others didn’t think the color suited her skin tone.

Recent photos show what seems to be a more toned down blonde color, but it doesn’t look like she’ll be ditching the lighter hue anytime soon. Right now, Jinger’s hair is substantially lighter than her natural color, and she’s keeping up with her roots, suggesting that she plans to maintain the tone.

Sun’s out, guns out for Jinger

More recently, Jinger has taken to showing off her shoulders in Instagram pictures. Now that she’s living in Los Angeles, her dress has gotten even more liberal, and fans are absolutely loving the transformation. Back in July 2019, Jinger appeared on Instagram wearing a turquoise top with little ruffle sleeves.

In August and September, she let her arms breath entirely by wearing muscle tees and tank tops. While Jinger still keeps the necklines of her clothing pretty modest, the ever-shrinking sleeves are keeping fans talking. Is it possible that one day she’ll rock a spaghetti strap camisole or a bathing suit? It’s hard to say, but based on what’s been going on lately, it’s not out of the question.

What prompted the change?

Jinger’s wardrobe change wasn’t a sudden one. In fact, the mother of one has slowly, but surely added additional clothing staples to her wardrobe over time, and it appears as though she’s been having a lot of fun doing it, too. She’s tried out sneakers and skinny jeans. She’s given business blazers a whirl, and, more recently, hasn’t shied away from showing off her arms. What’s causing the massive change though? Fans think its likely her husband who has helped her find her new interest in fashion.

Jeremy is particularly well dressed. He seems to enjoy fitted trousers, printed bowties, and loud blazers. His commitment to looking fly at all times has likely rubbed off on Jinger and forced her out of her denim skirt comfort zone. Jeremy also, technically, has the final say on her wardrobe according to Duggar family doctrine.

Jinger was raised to believe that the headship of the family (Jermey in this case) gets to rule over just about everything in the household. If Jeremy thinks skinny jeans are morally acceptable than Jinger is free to wear them if she wishes. That’s not to say that their family necessarily works like this, but it is how Jinger was raised.