‘Counting On’: Where Do Josh and Anna Live?

Pinpointing Josh Duggar’s location has been difficult. The disgraced former reality TV star and his growing family have done a fair bit of moving in the years since his back-to-back scandals. Back in March 2019, fans finally found out where the ultra-conservative Christian family was living, but only after they had moved from the location and put the home on the market. Now, with their former farmhouse sold, and a real estate lawsuit pending in court, fans are curious about where the family of soon-to-be eight is residing. 

Where do Josh and Anna live with their five children?

Now that the family’s 3000sq foot farmhouse is officially sold, they are believed to be residing in a guest house on the Duggar family property. The main house, which fans watched the family build on one of their very first specials, is still the epicenter of family activities. It isn’t the only structure on the family’s acreage though. There are several additional structures on the property.  

Josh and Anna Duggar
Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar | Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images

Reddit fans believe the eldest Duggar boy and his family are hunkered down in one of those properties until they make a final decision as to where they will land. It is unlikely they will be moving in the next couple of months, though. Anna Duggar, Josh’s wife, is nearing the end of her sixth pregnancy. The family is expecting a girl in November. 

Why did the family sell their 3,000sq foot farmhouse?

Following Josh’s stint in a faith-based rehab facility, the family moved into the large farmhouse. Nearly 20 miles away from the rest of the Duggar family, it looked like they were taking some much-needed space to sort out their issues, but just a few years later they listed the property for sale. 

It’s hard to say why they decided to make a move. Radar Online surmised that the couple was either headed for a split, or they were planning a larger home for their ever-expanding family. The announcement of a sixth pregnancy makes the latter a much more likely scenario, but it doesn’t look like they’ve found the space of their dreams just yet. 

What’s next for the growing family?

Josh is currently embroiled in a bizarre real estate stand-off. The eldest Duggar son was named in a land dispute recently. According to the filing, Josh is accused of purchasing land that was already owned by another Arkansas native. The complainant alleges that he purchased the property more than a decade ago from a cousin. He paid $17,000 for the parcel. Several years back, the same cousin sold Josh the land for $1,000, according to Radar Online. 

It is unknown what, if anything, Josh planned to do with the land. Josh did manage to get his name dismissed from the lawsuit, but it’s not over yet. Josh’s company, ALB Investments, LLC is still named in the suit. 

For now, it looks like the family is staying tucked away on the Duggar family compound. No new home has been purchased by Josh just yet, at least not one that is easily traceable. Josh doesn’t buy property in his own name. He’s been wheeling and dealing with the protection of an LLC ever since his first scandal broke.