‘Counting On’: Where in the World Are John and Abbie?

While John and Abbie’s engagement is playing out on Counting On as we speak, the pair has already been married for nearly four months. The adorable couple who broke all of the courtship rules seem to be desperately in love and are busy setting up their life together, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a little downtime to plan a vacation.

Where in the world are John and Abbie

Recent snapshots clued fans into their current location. John, a pilot, and Abbie, a nurse, aren’t hanging out in Arkansas with the rest of the Duggar clan, and they aren’t in Oklahoma with Abbie’s family. Currently, the couple is checking out the sights in Finland, according to Us Magazine.

Abbie and John are enjoying their second honeymoon in four months. This one in Finland is being filmed for TLC’s Counting On. There is no word on when the honeymoon will air; however, if the past is any indication, fans will have to wait until next season to see what Abbie and John got up to in Finland.

Where did the couple spend the days after their wedding?

In true Duggar fashion, a private honeymoon generally follows the wedding, and a filmed honeymoon comes months later if the couple opts for a more exotic locale. Abbie and John married in early November, but they did make time to get away – just the two of them – before the holidays.

Abbie and John did not disclose where they were heading on their honeymoon. In fact, we know that shortly after Christmas, John was hospitalized. He has since recovered from his illness, and it appears he was cleared to fly out to Finland for their planned vacation.

Why did the couple pick Finland?

Abbie noted that the couple’s first honeymoon was beachy and relaxing, and now she wanted to take in some cold weather. Abbie is a huge fan of winter and cold weather, so Finland was a perfect choice. The couple was most likely hoping to catch the northern lights during their time in Finland, but whether they caught a glimpse or not won’t be revealed until their honeymoon episode airs.

Their European pick is in line with several of the other Duggar children who recently wed. Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth visited Switzerland following their 2017 wedding. Brother Joseph and his wife Kendra jetted-off to Greece to celebrate their nuptials, and most recently Josiah and Lauren Duggar visited Austria on their Honeymoon.

Big Sister Jessa started the trend in 2015 when she, along with her husband Ben Seewald, spent her honeymoon in Paris. Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo, always the rebels, decided to spend their time together in Australia, according to People.

What is next for John and Abbie?

John and Abbie might be spending some time away in Finland, but it will be back to business as soon as they return home to Arkansas. John, who was recently elected as constable, will be splitting his time between his official duties and his piloting duties, according to In Touch. Abbie recently transferred her nursing license from her home state of Oklahoma to Arkansas, leading fans to surmise the new bride plans on continuing her career. Abbie continuing to work would completely breach Duggar etiquette.