‘Counting On’: Which Duggar Son Will Court Next?

It’s definitely a new season of life in the Duggar household. As more of the 19 kids in the family reach legal age, courtships are an inevitability. Jana Duggar remains the last Duggar daughter of legal age who hasn’t headed down the aisle just yet, but she isn’t the only Duggar who could be potentially heading towards a courtship.

Several Duggar sons are the perfect age to take the next step. Fans are, obviously, dying to see which Duggar will fall in love next. So, who could it be, and will they follow the family’s strict courtship rules?

Jason Duggar sparked courtship rumors with a snapshot

Jason Duggar took a trip to Greece early in 2019, and eagle-eyed fans noticed that he was standing especially close to one lady during outings. Those who follow the ultra-conservative Christian family noted that the lady in question was Lauren Caldwell. Lauren is the younger sister of Kendra Caldwell. Kendra married Joseph Duggar in 2017.

In Touch notes that a friend of the family denied the romance between Jason and Lauren, but he is of proper dating age. Jason turned 19 in April and has even flipped his first house for a profit. It appears he’s well on his way to self-sufficiency, and that usually spells courtship for the Duggar family.

Jeremiah and Jedidiah Duggar will both turn 21 soon

Jeremiah and Jedidiah are the second set of Duggar twins, and come December they’ll officially be 21. While that doesn’t necessarily mean they are ready to settle down, fans are watching the twins closely for signs that love is in the air.

Back in 2018, Jeremiah was pictured in a series of photos hanging out with friends. Although there were plenty of boys in the group, two girls caught the attention of fans. Nothing ever came of the pictures, but it looks like Jeremiah is prepping for marriage. The 19-year-old has taken up flying, just like his big brother, John.

Jedidiah Duggar might be looking for love, too. According to The Hollywood Gossip, Jedidiah had eyes for Kendra long before she married Joseph. In fact, it’s rumored that Joseph swooped in and stole Kendra from his little brother. 

James Duggar just turned 18

James Duggar has just turned officially become a legal adult. The mysterious Duggar boy’s birthday happens to fall on July 7, meaning he turned 18 today. While there is no news on a potential love interest for the newest Duggar to reach adult age, fans can help but wonder if he’ll be seeking out a romance now that he’s old enough to get married.

Jeremy Vuolo shared a rare snapshot of James back on June 27. He is pictured holding Felicity. Little is known about James, or what his plans are for the future, but fans are interested in seeing the young adult find his bride.

There is always Jana

Jana isn’t one of the Duggar boys, of course, but she is the oldest unmarried Duggar child. Jana sparked debate several months back when she took to Instagram to suggest she had courted several men along the way, but nothing got too serious.

Her admission was a severe deviation from what fans know about the Duggar courtship rules. After all, courtship is designed to ensure the Duggar kids don’t have multiple romantic partners. Now that she is nearing 30, though, fans are wondering just how long the eldest Duggar daughter will wait to finally get hitched. It could happen any second, or one or more of her younger siblings might beat her to the punch. Fans will need to wait and see.