‘Counting On’: Why Are Fans Desperate To See Jill Duggar Cut Her Hair

Jill Duggar may no longer appear on Counting On, but viewers can keep up with her on social media. The former reality TV star is a regular on Instagram, and while she clearly has a ton of fans, she seems to have a lot of haters on the platform, too. Every decision she makes has been criticized in recent months, and her choice of hairstyles is up for debate too. Jill likes to keep her hair really long, but fans think she’d look a lot younger with shorter locks. So, why is Jill insistent on keeping her hair long?

Fans are desperate to see Jill Duggar with a brand new ‘do

Jill Duggar’s hair is getting awfully long. To be fair, none of the Duggar ladies have ever sported a short ‘do, but Jill seems to be the Duggar daughter most in need of a serious hair cut. It’s getting so long and unruly, that fans have taken to makeover software to visualize what the mother of two would look like with a more modern style.

Right now, Jill is sporting hair that looks like it’s been heavily neglected when it comes to trims. The waist-length hair appears frayed and split at the end, and the top of her hair isn’t faring much better. The weight of the style and the lack of layers ensures it lies limply on her head. Overall,it’s not doing her any favors, and fans are desperate to see it gone. Jill’s hair, however, isn’t just hair. There is a deeper meaning associated with it, it would seem.

What are Jill’s long locks saying about her?

Jill’s hair is a point of contention with Counting On viewers. Reddit users have spent a fair amount of time debating exactly why Jill’s hair remains long and unruly. Her decision to keep her hair long, however, might come down to her religious beliefs.

A woman’s hair is mentioned several times in the bible, but those who follow the same ultra-conservative Christian sect that the Duggars do, often point to a passage from Corinthians to explain their penchant for long hair. The passage states, “But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering.”

The former leader of the ultra-conservative Christian ministry that the Duggars belong to allegedly believed long hair was preferable for women, too. In fact, Bill Gothard got even more specific than just length with his preferences. He reportedly preferred long, curly hair. Women within the religion often chose to style their hair to fit Gothard’s preferences. Jill, Jinger, Joy-Anna, and Jinger all sport long styles, and for a time, they appeared to be doing at-home perms to turn their straight locks into curly ones.

Jill’s long hair may be a frugal holdover

When the Duggar family showed up on television screens, they insisted they lived without any debt. While that was very likely true, the family wasn’t exactly in a good financial situation. With many, many mouths to feed, the Duggar family kept things pretty simple. They didn’t deviate from their calorically-dense but bland food; they shopped at thrift stores and made their own laundry detergent. They also were forced to forgo the luxury of professional haircuts. Instead, the family relied on each other to keep their ends trimmed.

When you walk into a salon and get your hair professionally cut, you have a lot of options. You can pick from any number of styles. When you have your sister wielding the scissors instead of a trained hairdresser, your style options are a bit more limited. Jill’s long, unhealthy locks may be a holdover behavior from growing up in poverty. It’s possible the mother of two doesn’t think she can afford to sit down at a proper salon for a substantial haircut.

Her financial situation does appear questionable, after all. Jill’s husband, Derick Dillard, is a law school student who supplements his income as a GrubHub delivery driver. Jill seems to be the primary breadwinner with a career as a social media influencer. While the pair own a home, they don’t appear to be rolling in dough at the moment.