‘Counting On’: Why Did One of the Duggar Boys Land a Helicopter in Their Front Yard?

A helicopter landing in a residential neighborhood is not a common occurrence. A helicopter landing in a residential area without an actual emergency is nearly unheard of, but that is what happened in Lowell, Arkansas on August 16. The landed chopper was photographed by neighbors and news outlets parked on the front lawn of a private home. Now, internet sleuths have traced the helicopter back to the Duggar family, famed for their reality TV show, Counting On.

Police have not confirmed the identity of the pilot

While local media has not confirmed the identity of the pilot, fans on Reddit believe Josiah or John-David was piloting the chopper. The helicopter seemingly landed in the yard of Josiah Duggar, and eyewitnesses claim that the young Duggar exited the aircraft, went inside the home for an hour, then returned to take off again at 4:30 pm.

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The aircraft’s registration is tied to a resident of Springdale, Arkansas. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are residents of the city of Springdale, and the majority of the family’s business holdings are registered in the town. It is widely believed that the chopper is the most recent aircraft acquisition for the family. The Duggars have spent the last few years acquiring a fleet of planes. Several of the Duggar boys are licensed to fly.

The Duggar family, nor the police have confirmed who the aircraft belongs to. The police, however, did note that the pilot of the plane was also the owner of the property where it landed. No laws were broken, according to 40/29 News, but police were investigating the incident.

How is the helicopter linked to the Duggar family?

While registration on the aircraft doesn’t precisely spell out who it belongs to, fans are pretty sure it belongs to the Duggar family. Eagle-eyed fans note that the home where the chopper landed looks just like Josiah and Lauren’s property.  

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It is not known if Lauren, who is due with the couple’s rainbow baby in the fall, was home at the time that the helicopter landed. Further pointing to its ownership, is the city in which the owner of the aircraft lives. Before ownership was transferred to Springdale, Arkansas the helicopter was registered in Pennsylvania. The Duggar family has been hard at work purchasing planes and helicopters from around the country.

The same aircraft appears to be pictured in an Instagram post from the Duggar family. The picture was taken in the Bahamas after several Duggars, and their friends arrived to help with disaster relief, according to Ok! Magazine. The Bahamas were pummeled by Hurricane Dorian last week.  

Why does the Duggar family have so many planes?

The Duggar family has been hard at work amassing a fleet of aircraft. Everything from small planes to personal jets have been added to the family’s hangar in recent years. It is believed that the family may be planning to launch an aviation business.

John-David, Josiah and Joseph Duggar
John-David, Josiah Duggar and Joseph Duggar Photo by Ida Mae Astute/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

John-David, the second oldest Duggar boy, seems to have ignited the family’s interest in aviation. He was the first to receive a pilot’s license. Since then, the family has acquired several planes and several more pilots. It’s been rumored that the family may be interested in launching a medical flight business. John-David’s wife, Abbie, is a licensed nurse.