‘Counting On’: Why Some Fans Are Concerned By This Photo of Anna Duggar’s Baby

Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar, along with some of their relatives from TLC’s Counting On, have plenty on their plate these days. Josh Duggar is struggling with an ongoing real estate lawsuit and is potentially one of the subjects (or the subject) of a Department of Homeland Security investigation.

Amid his legal woes, the Duggars’ oldest son also became a father of six. Anna Duggar gave birth to the couple’s sixth child, little Maryella Hope Duggar, just before Thanksgiving 2019. But a recent social media snapshot of the newborn baby girl has some Counting On fans concerned about her health and hoping Anna and Josh will head to the pediatrician, if they haven’t already.

Anna and Josh Duggar
Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar | Kris Connor/Getty Images

Anna and Josh welcomed Maryella Hope in late November

Amid reports of a federal investigation at the Duggar home in Tontitown, Arkansas, and Josh’s nearby used car lot, many fans wondered if the Duggar family would comment. But, while Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar opened up to claim they didn’t know about any investigations, Josh’s wife Anna remained silent as she neared the birth of her sixth child.

Instead, Anna took to social media as usual, sharing photos of the younger Duggar children and the rest of her family. Fans noticed, however, that she limited or turned off comments on many of her Instagram posts, sparking rumors that something might be afoot after all.

But on Nov. 27, 2019, Anna took to Instagram to announce the birth of Maryella Hope Duggar. The eight-pound baby was born at 9:12 a.m. Next to an adorable photo of the newborn, Anna wrote, “Maryella Hope arrived one day ahead of Thanksgiving Day 2019 and a great reminder to be grateful for all God has done for us! We are so excited and thankful to God for His special blessing giving us this precious, happy & healthy baby girl!”

Anna later shared that Maryella Hope’s name was inspired by the Duggars’ Christian faith, as well as by the late Grandma Mary Duggar.

An Instagram photo of the newborn shocked some ‘Counting On’ fans

Since Maryella’s birth, Anna has posted a number of photos of the sweet new baby. But one recent picture worried a few fans.

On Dec. 11, Anna shared a photo of Maryella Hope on Instagram in a pink onesie and giant bow. Her caption read, “Several of you have asked about this outfit Maryella was wearing in Aunt @janamduggar ‘s story. It’s from @kickeepants they are my current favorite because they are adorable, super soft, and they still look good after multiple washes! 👶🏻👍🏻 What are some of your favorite brands for baby items and clothing?”

While many Counting On viewers and Duggar fans responded to Anna’s question, others were more concerned about Maryella’s seemingly yellow skin in the photo. According to Pop Culture, one commenter wrote, “She’s beautiful; is it just the filter on the pic, or is she a little jaundice? Not judging or hating by any means, just an ER nurse with an eye for it lol.”

Others seemed to agree with the commenter’s concerns. “I thought so too,” one wrote. Another added, “I immediately thought the same but didn’t want to mention till someone else did.”

The original commenter admitted that there might not ultimately be anything wrong. “Very well could just be a filter,” she wrote. “It’s baby #6 I’m certain if she was jaundice she’d see it, or perhaps already has and she’s being treated. Was just my nursing eye though.”

Jaundice in newborns is a fairly common condition caused by too much of a substance called bilirubin circulating in the blood. It causes yellowed skin and eyes, as well as other symptoms, and often occurs in newborns during the first few days of life. Although jaundice can clear up on its own in many cases, it can sometimes be a sign of a deeper underlying issue, such as an infection.

The Duggars likely had a home birth

While jaundice is not always a serious issue, some Counting On fans were concerned about the Duggars’ new baby because it seemed that Anna had a home birth.

The Duggar family is known for having home births in many cases. That certainly seemed to be true for Anna, as she took part in her immediate family’s Thanksgiving the day after her daughter was born.

Shortly after the birth, she also joined Josh’s family for an Ugly Sweater Party and headed to Joy-Anna’s house for a family evening with Maryella in tow. Because Anna seemed to jump right back into Duggar family life after her daughter’s birth, some Counting On viewers were worried that she might not have sought attention from a medical professional.

However, it’s ultimately unlikely that Maryella is in any danger. 31-year-old Anna is a mom to five other kids, after all, and her little one is now over two weeks old. The Duggars may also have taken their new addition to the pediatrician and simply kept the medical details private.