‘Counting On’: Why Won’t Michelle Duggar Cut Her Hair?

The Duggar girls aren’t exactly fashion icons. Sure, Jinger Duggar has gone blond, and the rest of the married Duggar girls are looking a bit more modern, but fashionistas they are not. There is one complete holdout when it comes to contemporary fashion, though. The lady in question is Michelle Duggar. The mother of 19 children has sported a similar ‘do for the last 15 years, and apparently, she has no intention of changing it anytime soon. Why, however, does Michelle insist on keeping her clearly heat-damaged hair super long? The answer is pretty simple.

Jim Bob Duggar prefers long hair

In 2012, Michelle attempted a makeover. Actually, it appears she was basically forced into a makeover. While some of her deadends were lobbed off, her hair was kept relatively long. Either way, Michelle hated it, but the reason for her dissatisfaction had little to do with her own preferences. Instead, Michelle was concerned that Jim Bob would dislike it, as he prefers long hair. According to People, Michelle noted, “I know Jim Bob likes it long and I am trying to impress him — what he likes is what I want,”

Jim Bob also prefers curly locks, which is likely why Michelle has worn her signature style, complete with poofy bangs for so long. The hairstyle she rocked in 2004 when the family first appeared on TLC, was pretty similar to her 2012 hairstyle. Let’s be honest, her 2019 hairstyle isn’t all that different either. Apparently, Jim Bob is a creature of habit, but his preference for long tresses likely has something to do with the family’s affiliation with the IBLP.  

The IBLP has some grooming preferences

The Institute of Basic Life Principles, or the IBLP, is the ministry the Duggar family is involved with. It is, in many ways, considered a troubled organization. Allegedly, the organization’s now-ousted leader used a position of power to harass young women. While Bill Gothard, the former leader, was in power, he managed to exact his will on followers. Gothard apparently had suggestions for everything from child-rearing to hairstyles.

According to Recovering Grace, a blog penned by a former IBLP member, a woman’s hair was seen as her glory. Gothard believed long tresses, done in soft curls was the most attractive hairstyle for young women. While it wasn’t exactly required, crowds of young women aspired to the ideal. The Duggar girls were among those followers, and Michelle clearly was, too. Soft curls, however, are hard to come by if your hair is not naturally curly. Michelle is the perfect example. The hair, forced to align with a particular beauty standard, can become damaged quickly, as Michelle’s has long appeared to be.

Her daughters have ditched their permed ‘dos long ago. That doesn’t mean they are sporting daring styles, though. Jill Duggar’s long mane is a cause of irritation for fans. Jinger and Jessa’s hair is seemingly just as long, albeit better managed than Jill’s unruly mane. It doesn’t look like any Duggar girl will be hitting the salon for a pixie cut anytime soon.  

Will Michelle ever cut her mane?

Michelle, now officially a grandmother several times over, doesn’t look like she’ll be ditching her long hair. She’s changed up a couple of aspects of her dress lately, but overall, she’s seemingly set in her ways, and won’t be changing it. In short, this lady won’t be throwing on a pair of jeans, stopping by a salon to get her hair cut into a bob, or strapping on stilettos anytime soon.  

Whether or not her hair, or clothing choices for that matter, will ever change is likely up to Jim Bob, anyway. As she noted way back in 2012, she likes what Jim Bob likes, and if he says long hair is the way to go, that’s likely the way it will be. If followers are hoping for a drastic makeover, they are probably going to be very disappointed for a very long time.