‘Counting On’: Will Jessa Duggar Ever Have a Hospital Birth?

Jessa Duggar is apparently impressed with the power of an epidural, something she decided to forgo in favor of natural homebirths. After seeing Abbie Burnett, who married John David Duggar in November 2018, sail through contractions with the help of an epidural, Jessa suggested that next time she’d consider one. The statement has some followers questioning when Jessa and her husband, Ben Seewald, will add a fourth baby to the mix. Even more exciting than another baby is the prospect that Jessa might show up at a medical facility to give birth this time around. So, will Jessa ever use a hospital to deliver her children?

Jessa has had three homebirths

Jessa hasn’t headed to the hospital to labor for any of the three children she has already delivered. At least two of her three homebirths were planned, as were the homebirths of several of her siblings. Spurgeon Elliot Seewald, Henry Wilberforce Seewald, and Ivy Jane Seewald were all delivered at home.

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Jill Duggar, who attempted to deliver both of her sons at home, was a notorious advocate for the process. After long labors, Jill was forced to deliver her sons, Israel, 4, and Sam, 2, via emergency c-sections. Joy-Anna Duggar also attempted a home birth with her first child, Gideon, but she was rushed to the hospital when it was discovered that Gideon was breech. She delivered him via c-section, as well. Joy-Anna’s second pregnancy ended at 5 months in a late-term miscarriage. Anna Duggar, who married Josh Duggar in 2008, has delivered all six of her children outside of a hospital setting, according to In Touch.

Jessa Duggar has had two bleeding emergencies

Jessa’s first delivery seemed to be going smoothly until she began to bleed excessively following the arrival of Spurgeon Elliot. Jessa was whisked off to the hospital in an ambulance, and apparently, her bleeding was so bad that she could have died without medical intervention. Her second birth went far smoother, and Henry Wilberforce was delivered at home without complications.

In her third attempt at a homebirth, Jessa experienced the same issues as she did with Spurgeon’s delivery. Excessive bleeding forced the mother of three to take another ambulance ride. While she and her husband, Ben, insist they didn’t plan to deliver Ivy Jane at home, fans are skeptical. Many followers think Jessa is committed to the concept of homebirths because the controversial ultra-conservative Christian ministry they belong to encourages them. They are not without risk, though, and Jessa’s complications have many followers concerned for her safety.

Will she ever give birth in a hospital?

It looks like baby number four, whenever he or she comes along, might actually enter the world in a sterile medical environment. Jessa insists that she was planning a hospital birth with her third child, considering the issues she faced with Spurgeon’s birth, but that the baby came too quickly to get to a hospital. Fans aren’t so sure about that, but all seem to agree that Ben would prefer the safety of the hospital over the living room couch when his next child arrives.

If the couple does have a fourth child, it looks like a visit to the hospital is even more likely now. After seeing Abbie enjoy the relative comfort of an epidural, Jessa seemed convinced. When that baby will arrive, is anyone’s guess, though. Jessa has been busy trolling Duggar family critics who are convinced she’s already carrying the family’s fourth baby, according to In Touch.