Country Stars Grapple With Tornadoes in Nashville That Killed 22

Carrie Underwood, Marren Morris, and Kasey Musgraves are some of country music’s brightest stars. After gaining fame, they each maintained an incredibly sustained peak for many years. Many of their fans look to them for inspiration, something which country music hub Nashville, Tennessee, is going to need during these trying times.

MSN reports on the morning of March 3, 2020, a series of tornadoes came hurdling through central Tennessee, killing at least 22 people and destroying business and schools. Underwood, Morris, and Musgraves each commented on the incident. Here’s what they had to say.

Carrie Underwood and Kacey Musgraves attend the 49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada | Christopher Polk/ACMA2014/Getty Images for ACM

Carrie Underwood and Marren Morris open up about terrifying tornado

People reports on the March 3, 2020 episode of The Today Show, Underwood recounted what her experience was like. “I’m like texting people I know, and I’m asking my husband if everybody’s good. He said he had to go upstairs at like 2 a.m. and grab the boys and take them down to a little safe room in our house.”

Underwood recalled being extremely frightened by her experience. She had every right to be. The deadly series of tornadoes had a major, horrific impact on Tennessee. The Tennessean says 48 buildings were destroyed in Nashville, Tennessee alone. As Nashville is an epicenter of country music, other country stars commented on the tornadoes.

Marren Morris, another famous country singer, said a tornado nearly came close to her block. “The tornado must have missed our block by an inch because we are alright but I am so depleted looking at the damage that has happened to our beautiful city [Nashville].” Morris expressed sympathy for those who lost loved ones or property in the tornadoes.

Kasey Musgraves tries to help tornado relief

Kacey Musgraves | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

Kasey Musgraves is another country star who commented on the incident. Musgraves is trying to aid those affected. She has asked fans to pray for victims of the tornadoes. In addition, The Tennessean reports she is selling some of her old clothes, with proceeds from this sale going to tornado relief.

Musgraves opened up about her feelings regarding the devastation in her area. “Me and my fam are safe but many friends aren’t so lucky…I’m so nervous to find out who the fatalities are. Nashville is so tight knit. I’m gonna help in any way I can.”

Musgraves’ sale is in partnership with the organization Stage to Closet, which helps celebrities auction off old clothes. The sale was originally intended to aid forest preservation in Tennessee. However, the tornadoes made her decide to direct the money elsewhere. Musgraves has long cultivated an image of being extremely down-to-earth, and her desire to help her community only reinforces the best parts of her image.

The tornadoes had a horrifying impact on Tennessee. The lives lost are irreplaceable. Hopefully, the state will do what it can to rebuild any of the damage done to Nashville.

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