Court Orders Chris Brown to Pay Support for Pet Monkey

Chris Brown has had quite the year. He dropped his latest album, Indigo, this past summer, and although he hasn’t officially confirmed it, he welcomed a new bundle of joy into his life. Brown is no stranger to making headlines, whether it’s about his girlfriends, his music, yard sale, or legal woes, and this time he’s in the news for something relatively minor.

Chris Brown
Chris Brown | Getty Images/Scott Dudelson

Chris Brown is on the hook for monkey business

A judge in California has just ordered that Brown relinquish ownership rights to a former pet monkey but he is still financially responsible for its care, per The Associated Press. He is also prohibited from trying to purchase another one or risk his original two misdemeanor charges not being dropped. Originally, the judge placed Brown into a diversion program, but a deal was struck on Dec. 4. He has to abide by its terms through June 2020.

The cost? Brown must pay $35,000 to the animal housing facility where Fiji the monkey is being kept. As part of the judge’s orders, he also can’t visit the monkey with getting special permission and his rights to the pet will be permanently withdrawn.

How the monkey situation first developed

Brown landed in hot water in December 2018 for owning an exotic animal after posting of photo on Instagram of his daughter Royalty holding the capuchin, Fiji. He allegedly gave it her as a pet. Agents from California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife caught wind of the picture and they came and confiscated the animal.

Exotic pets such as monkeys, hedgehogs, and ferrets are illegal to own without a permit in the state of California. By law, primates are considered a public threat and permits are only issued to professionals who are using them for medical research or to train them to work in the entertainment field.

According to NBC Los Angeles, Brown was charged by the L.A. city attorney’s office with two misdemeanors for possession of the monkey. As long as he adheres to the terms laid out by the judge, the charges will be dropped.

Chris Brown isn’t the only star to get in trouble for an exotic pet

If you remember, Justin Bieber was once the proud companion of a capuchin named OG Mally. That was until the monkey was confiscated by German authorities when Bieber entered the country for a concert in Munich. Mally was never returned and instead was taken to an animal refuge and has been there since 2014.

Back when Paris Hilton was at the height of her media popularity, she began carrying around a kinkajou with her, a small animal that looks like a weasel/ferret. Like Brown, she was caught by Fish and Wildlife in California and had to give it up.

Years ago, rapper Tyga ran into trouble after it was discovered he was keeping a pet Bengal tiger named Maverick at his California home. At one point, federal agents got involved to go after the person who illegally obtained and sold the animal to him. He turned the animal over to a rescue organization but was later criticized for not supporting the upkeep of the tiger.

As for Brown, as long as he holds up his end of the deal, all should go well for him and Fiji.