The Craziest Theories ‘Star Wars’ Fans Have About ‘Episode IX’

The future of the Star Wars saga is wide open after The Last Jedi. After all, with the eighth installment, Rian Johnson subverted all expectations and proved nearly every single fan theory about where the story was headed wrong.

But that doesn’t mean the fans have stopped theorizing. Already, there are some wild ideas about what might happen in Episode IX. Putting aside the popular, fairly logical theories, like Ben Solo and Rey creating a new Jedi Order together or Rey constructing a double-bladed lightsaber, here’s a look at a few of the most out-there predictions about what comes next in Star Wars.

1. Rey has no parents and was born of the Force

Rey standing in front of a wall

Rey in Star Wars: The Last Jedi | Lucasfilm

When Rey enters the trippy mirror cave in The Last Jedi, she asks to see her parents. But after briefly seeing two dark figures, the cave just shows her her own reflection. Rey does not find the answers she was looking for, and this leaves her feeling disappointed and alone.

Some fans took this moment as evidence of a crazy theory: that Rey does not have parents at all. It’s not that she was immaculately conceived and had no father like Anakin; she has no mother or father, as represented by the cave just showing her herself when she asks to see her parents. Instead, Rey was actually birthed by the Force, and this is why she is so unexpectedly gifted. Snoke says that “darkness rises, and light to meet it.” So the theory is that in response to the rising darkness of Snoke and Kylo Ren, the Force literally created a human being: Rey.

But wait, didn’t The Last Jedi explain that Rey’s parents are junk traders who sold her for drinking money? Well, Kylo was basing that off a vision he had, which he could have misinterpreted. Maybe the people he saw were just Rey’s adoptive parents. Johnson himself has said that Kylo wasn’t lying in that scene, but he has not confirmed whether Kylo was right, saying that this will be up to Episode IX director J.J. Abrams to decide.

2. Snoke survived Kylo’s attack by transferring his mind into another body

Snoke stretches a hand out

Snoke in The Last Jedi | Lucasfilm

Even though we saw Snoke get sliced in half, not all fans are convinced he’s dead. That might sound ridiculous, but keep in mind, there’s precedent for it. In The Phantom Menace, Obi-Wan slices Darth Maul in half. Yet it’s revealed in The Clone Wars that he somehow survived; he returns with robot legs.

So how might Snoke have lived? One popular theory is that he is able to transfer his mind from body to body, and the Snoke we see in the movie is just one of many vessels. So it’s not as if he somehow survived being sliced by a lightsaber. It’s just that he jumped out of his body and into another upon “dying.” In Episode IX, then, Snoke would return, but in a new form, presumably not looking like his old self anymore.

An alternate version of this theory is that what we think is Snoke is actually just a puppet being controlled by the real bad guy like the Wizard of Oz. We know from the movie that Snoke can control things from far away — he throws Hux around while in a totally different room — so why couldn’t he control a fake Snoke body? The Visual Dictionary also makes mention of the fact that even when people speak to Snoke directly, “he disguises his true nature.”

3. Snoke is the founder of the Jedi Order

Supreme Leader Snoke, half-lit, sits in a large chair, looking down at the camera

Supreme Leader Snoke | Lucasfilm

The Last Jedi disappointed some fans by not providing any information about Snoke’s backstory. But that doesn’t mean we’re never going to get these answers, and so the crackpot theories about his origins continue.

One of the most popular new ones is that Snoke is actually the first Jedi. On Ahch-To, there’s a mosaic on the floor of Jedi temple, seen most prominently when Luke explains the failings of the Jedi to Rey. The Visual Dictionary reveals that this mosaic depicts the Prime Jedi, the first member of the order. The image of the Prime Jedi does kind of look like Snoke, and it has a line going down its head that mirrors Snoke’s scar.

If Snoke is thousands of years old, it’s reasonable to think he may have found a way to cheat death and survive Kylo’s assassination. But Snoke doesn’t have to still be alive for this theory to be true: It could be something Rey discovers in Episode IX. In that case, as one Reddit user theorizesEpisode IX would be the apprentice of the “last Jedi,” Luke Skywalker, vs. the apprentice of the first Jedi, Snoke.

4. Snoke’s ring is a key to the plot of Episode IX

Snoke | Lucasfilm

You may not have even noticed that Snoke is wearing a ring in The Last Jedi. But it’s gold and has some sort of black rock at the top. Normally, fans wouldn’t make much of it, except the Visual Dictionary reveals a tantalizing detail: The black rock is actually obsidian obtained from the catacombs beneath Darth Vader’s castle on Mustafar.

Some fans have a theory that this is more than just a cool tie-in to the previous movies. Perhaps this ring has some sort of power. As one Reddit user theorizes, maybe Snoke’s soul is forged into the ring itself, and he takes over the body of whomever wears it. This is sort of an extension of the theory that Snoke can transfer his consciousness into other bodies, but in this case, the ring is what allows him to do so. Or maybe the ring isn’t that important except that it leads Kylo Ren back to Mustafar, where he can have a scene with Anakin’s Force ghost.

All of this sounds like just wild speculation except for one thing: the working title of Episode IX is actually “Black Diamond.

5. The Knights of Ren will return and be the main villains of Episode IX

Knights of Ren in Star Wars The Force Awakens

Knights of Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakens | Lucasfilm

It’s widely believed that Kylo Ren will redeem himself in Episode IXThat seems like a safe bet at this point, but if he turns, who would be the force that he rebels against? The obvious answer is Hux, but he’s not exactly a very intimidating foe to be the final bad guy of the trilogy.

So one theory is that Episode IX will feature the return of the Knights of Ren. You’ll recall that in The Force Awakens, Snoke states that Kylo is the “master of the Knights of Ren;” that’s why he’s called “Kylo Ren” in the first place. We briefly see the knights standing over piles of dead bodies in Rey’s Force vision. But they aren’t in The Last Jedi, which led the average viewer to believe that Johnson simply dropped this plot.

However, Luke does mention that after destroying the Jedi Temple, Ben Solo fled with some of his former students. So a common fan theory is that these former students are the Knights of Ren. For whatever reason, they weren’t in The Last Jedi, potentially off on some sort of separate mission. But some fans believe they will return in Episode IX, only to turn against Kylo Ren upon finding out that he killed Snoke. The finale will therefore be a fight not against a pasty First Order general but against six former Jedi.

6. Snoke will return as the first dark side Force ghost and battle Luke

Anakin Skywalker - Force Ghost, Star Wars

Force ghosts in Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi | Lucasfilm

Here’s one last theory about Snoke, the character fans just can’t stop wondering about. Even if you don’t believe that Snoke survived the attack, there’s another way we could see him again: as a Force ghost.

Yes, in the current lore, only Jedi can appear after death. But it doesn’t seem like this is a hard and fast rule over at Lucasfilm. After all, in the book The Art of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, a piece of concept art shows Luke being haunted by a Sith Force ghost. ILM Senior Art Director Christian Alzmann speculates in the book that Dark Side users could come back from the dead.

“We’ve seen dead Jedi come back as blue ghosts,” he says. “Maybe Sith can come back. And maybe there’s some all-powerful mastermind Sith that’s controlling whatever the dark side is. We did talk a lot about how the final battle frontier for Jedi might be in the spirit realm. So you have to have a bad-guy ghost.”

In Episode IX, perhaps that bad-guy ghost will be Snoke. And now that Luke has died too, perhaps Luke and Snoke’s ghosts can battle it out.

 7. Temiri Blagg, the “broom boy,” is a Skywalker

Temiri Blagg in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Temiri Blagg | Lucasfilm

After The Force Awakens, the No. 1 most popular theory was that Rey is a Skywalker. The Last Jedi seemingly confirms that this is not the case. But now, the fan conspiracy theories about someone being a Skywalker have simply shifted onto another character: Temiri Blagg.

That’s the “broom boy” who Rose and Finn meet on Canto Bight. The final scene of the movie reveals that he is Force sensitive. It seems fairly likely that we’ll never see this kid again, and this was simply an epilogue meant to show that Luke’s sacrifice has inspired the galaxy; it also reinforces the idea that you can come from nothing and still be strong in the Force.

Still, some fans are now coming up with wild theories about the kid. A common one is that Luke had a secret child at some point, who he hid away somewhere after the destruction of the Jedi Temple and the rise of the First Order for the same reason Luke himself was hidden away from the Empire. Another theory about Temiri is that he’ll be the main character of the upcoming Johnson trilogy. Neither of these seem particularly likely, but with Star Wars, you never know.

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