‘Creed II’: Did Michael B. Jordan Gain or Lose Muscle After ‘Black Panther’?

Sylvester Stallone and Michael B. Jordan in Creed II

Sylvester Stallone and Michael B. Jordan in Creed II | MGM

Michael B. Jordan really became an action superstar through Creed. Since then he gained even more traction by playing Killmonger in Black Panther. Now, he’s back as Adonis Creed for Creed II. But did he have to gain or lose muscle after the Marvel movie? Here is everything you need to know.

Michael B. Jordan gained 10 to 15 pounds of muscle after Black Panther for Creed II

Michael B. Jordan as Killmonger stares down Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa in Black Panther

Black Panther | Marvel

Michael B. Jordan has had an interesting path juggling very physical roles in a short period of time. He first played Adonis Creed in Creed then moved to Black Panther. He actually gained 15 pounds to play the Marvel villain after the boxer. It probably didn’t hurt that he had to go through weapons training to prepare for the role as well, according to Men’s Journal.

But the tables have turned again with the actor returning to the Rocky franchise. If we’re just looking at body muscles, then Adonis Creed might beat Killmonger in a fight today. That’s because Michael B. Jordan gained even more muscle for Creed II after doing Black Panther.

According to Jordan’s personal trainer, Corey Calliet the actor gained somewhere between 10 to 15 pounds in order to return to the boxing role. That required Jordan to do more weightlifting and cardiovascular strength training. Calliet also said Creed is more of a graceful fighter and has more endurance than Killmonger.

Michael B. Jordan’s diet after Black Panther included less big meals to get him leaner for Creed II

Creed II

Creed II | Warner Bros. Pictures

Of course, exercise isn’t the only thing that helped prepare Michael B. Jordan to play the boxing champion. His diet had to change from what he would do to play Killmonger to play Creed.

I’ve detailed his nutrition more to get him lean and get him more ripped,” Michael B. Jordan’s trainer, Calliet told Philadelphia magazine. “It went from him having a lot of big meals — the ounces of protein, the carbohydrates much higher. This time, it’s much lower and I’m playing with the food, watching how his body is changing daily and making a judgment call on whether I need to take out or add in.”

Michael B. Jordan admitted that this was the hardest part of preparing for the role. “The hardest thing about it is letting go of the bad foods,” he told Las Vegas Review-Journal. “You know what foods. I know what foods. You take away the sugar, dairy, cheese, bread, carbs, and pasta. Instead, I’d eat high protein and low portions, eating about every two and a half hours. It’s a lot of broccoli, brown rice, chicken and more brown rice. At first, it’s pretty rough. But once you let the other food go, it becomes pretty easy. Your body stops craving it. Most of the time when you’re eating every few hours, you’re not even hungry.”

It’s obvious that Jordan has to put a lot of work into playing Adonis Creed and he’s probably still not done with the role. Chances are he might gain even more muscle to play the successful boxer in the future.

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