Cress Williams’ Net Worth and How He Makes His Money

Cress Williams is a talented actor, best known for roles on shows like ER, Grey’s Anatomy, Hart of Dixie, and now Black Lightning. He has been acting for a long time, however he is underrated. Yet there must be some rewards for acting for so long.

Besides the obvious reward of getting to live your dream every day, there must be some things that make such a long career worth it. That includes, but is not limited to, an actor’s net worth. Most actors get very good salaries, salaries that most of us can only dream of. So their net worth is obviously a lot higher than the average person’s.

What is Cress Williams’ Net Worth?

Cress Williams at Comic Con Black Lightning Q & A
Cress Williams at Comic Con Black Lightning Q & A | Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Cress Williams’ net worth is estimated to be $1 million. It is not stated how much of that net worth comes from his long and storied career as an actor or how much of it comes from his new role in Black Lightning. Certainly, playing a superhero must be relatively lucrative, even if you’re only on the small screen.

A $1 million net worth is something that most of us can only dream of and likely Williams is happy with it. We are hoping that it will only increase in years to come as Williams’ talents are fully recognized through his role in Black Lightning and other roles as well. These other roles include parts in The Violent Heart and Reckoning.

How does Cress Williams make his money?

Now that we know Cress Williams’ net worth, let’s get into how he made his money. He has portrayed several notable roles on TV and in movies. He played D’Shawn Hardell in Beverly Hills, 90210, Terrence ‘Scooter’ Williams in Living Single, and George in Never Been Kissed.

His roles also include Officer Reggie Moore in ER, Tucker Jones in Grey’s Anatomy, and Wyatt in Prison Break. He also played Ornette Howard in Friday Night Lights and Lavon Hayes in Hart of Dixie. Currently, he is portraying Jefferson Pierce, also known as Black Lightning, on the CW’s superhero show, Black Lightning.

What is Cress Williams up to now?

Cress Williams has proven himself to be a versatile actor. And his hard work has finally paid off. With a lead role in Black Lightning, he is becoming more and more well-known.

We won’t get into what the show is about, as we’ve already done so. Yet if you’re looking for a good show to watch, we definitely recommend Black Lightning, starring the amazing Cress Williams. You can also see Williams in the upcoming movies The Violent Heart and Reckoning.

Luckily for fans, Williams has an impressive filmography and can be seen in stories that range from Grey’s Anatomy to Hart of Dixie to Black Lightning. Hopefully he will become more and more popular as time goes on and will gain more lead roles. Even if somehow he doesn’t — which we doubt, given his talent — he will still be known for a long and wonderful career and for being a superhero in Black Lightning.