‘Criminal Minds’ Season 15: Could a New Photo Hint at a Future for JJ and Reid?

With season 15 of Criminal Minds right around the corner, things are starting to heat up. Fans have been speculating since that shocking finale about what will happen between Jennifer “JJ” Jareau (A.J. Cook) and Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler). Could they end up together in the end? A newly released photo hints at a possible future. Read on to learn more.

JJ lays it all on the line for Reid

Fans will remember that during the finale of season 14 of Criminal Minds, JJ told Reid a secret while being held at gunpoint that could change everything for them both. JJ had to reveal something she’s never said out loud, and she chose a major one to reveal and at the perfect time too.

“Spence, um, I’ve always loved you. And I was just too scared to say it before. And now things are just really too complicated to say now,” JJ said. “I’m sorry, but you should know.”

The two colleagues and best friends have a unique connection, so it’s hard not to imagine them together in some capacity. They work together constantly so it’s totally understandable why JJ cares for Reid.

A new photo hints at what’s to come in season 15 of ‘Criminal Minds’

TVLine recently released a #2020FirstLook series exclusive image of the season 15 premiere. The photo is a mixed bag of emotions that’s for sure. Reid is holding JJ’s arm and she is holding his as well. They could be on a case, or maybe even on an adventurous date? JJ seems to be pretty pleased and Reid seems content himself. Up front and center is the wedding ring on JJ’s finger, reminding us that she is not in fact really available because she’s married with children.

Does this mean that JJ and Reid could have a future together?

Matthew Gray Gubler and A.J. Cook | Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

Based on the reactions of viewers and Reid’s planned love interest that will make an appearance in the final season, things don’t look good for JJ and Reid to end up together. TVLine reported that Rachael Leigh Cook will play Max in season 15. She is a “kind-hearted, candid woman” and she will appear in at least two of the final 10 episodes. Reid will obviously have to devote some time to her as well, so he’ll have his hands completely full.

It looks like Reid will be a little confused in season 15 with all his options. Looking at the newly released image, it’s clear that the chemistry is still there between Reid and JJ. What they choose to do with it will be interesting to witness.

What fans are saying about Jeid

Fans are not really on board with the whole Jeid situation. Reddit is still buzzing about the friendship that could be something more. “I don’t honestly like their pairing. JJ doesn’t appreciate the Reid genius (when he is babbling away about the things he knows, JJ makes faces 🤣 which I think Reid’s better half won’t do such things,) she also lost her chance with him by moving on to Will,” a Reddit user observed. “Reid deserves someone who appreciates his genius treats him better than the second option.”

Many other fans wholeheartedly agree and want them to stay in their brother and sister relationship. “I agree 100%. I have never seen any evidence of J.J. loving Spencer and I thought that he got over his crush on her a long time ago,” another Reddit user said. “I love their brother/sister relationship and hate to see it ruined over a cheap twist. Spencer deserves someone new.”

It looks like the final season is shaping up to be full of relationship drama and it sounds great so far. We’ll find out how it all plays out when Criminal Minds premieres its final season on Wednesday, January 8, 2020, at 9 p.m. E.S.T.