‘Criminal Minds’: What Fans Really Think of the Series Ending

The hit CBS series Criminal Minds only has one season left to go after a successful 15-year run when it’s all over. Read on to find out what fans are saying about the show ending and what they hope to see when all the loose ends are finally tied up.

Some fans are ready for ‘Criminal Minds’ to come to an end

Joe Mantegna, Aisha Tyler, Adam Rodriguez, Daniel Henney, A.J. Cook, and Paget Brewster
Joe Mantegna, Aisha Tyler, Adam Rodriguez, Daniel Henney, A.J. Cook, and Paget Brewster | Michael Yarish/CBS via Getty Images

Reddit users have a lot of opinions on the ending of the groundbreaking show. Many viewers believe the time has come for it all to properly conclude. Fans will get to see an actual ending without it all feeling dragged out. The final season will only consist of 10 episodes, so things will be short and sweet.

“I’m disappointed, but I think it’s time,” one Reddit user noted. “Fifteen seasons is an incredible run and hopefully this last season will give them time to wrap everything up and maybe bring Morgan and some of the others back to say goodbye as well.”

Viewers hope former cast members will return for season 15

Many people are hoping to see former cast members return for cameos. Derek Morgan, played by Shemar Moore, is a huge fan favorite. “And I definitely hope they can manage to get at least some of the former team members to make a visit. It’d be a nice little reunion of sorts and a good way to honor the show’s history,” another user wrote.

“This is a great thing. With this season being shortened we knew it was coming,” another Reddit user said. “The fact that they didn’t just let it slip away but allowed the showrunners to plan a proper sendoff is amazing. I’ll miss these characters and the cast working together, but the show has run out of ideas, it’s time to end it. And we’ll probably get to see Morgan again!”

“Real sad to hear it going away, but after being on for so long, I can see why they are ending it now,” a Reddit user said.

“It was my favorite show for a long time, but the last couple of seasons haven’t been the same, in part because of the cast changes. Happy it gets a 15th season but it’s also time to end it,” a Reddit user commented.

Many people really enjoy the series

Of course, the show also has fans that aren’t exactly thrilled for the ending of this pivotal show that has changed the way we all think of serial killers. It has become a real favorite. “This show was one of my favorites so I’m glad it’s getting a proper conclusion. There’s nothing worse than getting invested in a show then it gets canceled and left with a cliffhanger,” another user said.

“Kind of a bummer, as I think these past few seasons have been REALLY good, with varied serialized plot lines and more personal stories for the agents,” a Reddit user wrote.

Hopefully, fans won’t have much longer to wait to find out when Criminal Minds will debut its final season. There are still so many unanswered questions we still have. It’s only right the series ends with all our favorite characters in good places.