‘Criminal Minds’: Why Fans Would Love to See a Spin-Off Involving This 1 Character

Criminal Minds has had an excellent run over the years. Now that the fifteenth and final season is fast approaching, let’s take a look at a spin-off that fans would seriously love to see. There are spoilers ahead for Criminal Minds.

Jason Gideon is a fan favorite

Ben Savage and Robert Dunne
Ben Savage and Robert Dunne | Robert Voets/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

A major favorite among fans is Jason Gideon (Mandy Patinkin). Gideon served as the former Senior Supervisory Special Agent of the Behavioral Analysis Unit. He is murdered in season 10, episode 13, but the episode itself holds the key to a possible spin-off that fans would love to see.

In the episode where Gideon is actually killed off-screen, there are flashbacks to the beginning of the Behavioral Analysis Unit. The flashbacks take viewers on a ride through the 70s when Gideon was young and working alongside David Rossi (Joe Mantegna).

Rossi must face the past to find Gideon’s killer

Robert Dunne plays a young Rossi while Ben Savage plays a young Gideon. Rossi is forced to take a look back at an old case from his past to catch the man who killed Gideon in the present. Fans seem to enjoy the dynamic between the two, but people really love young Gideon above all else.

Fans would like to see a spin-off with young Gideon

Viewers seem to enjoy seeing Gideon again in any capacity they can get. Ben Savage did the role justice and fans took notice. “Ben Savage as young Gideon would have been a great spin-off show,” a Reddit user observed.

Numerous fans echo the same sentiment. “I loved when Ben Savage played a young Gideon,” someone else wrote. “It actually made me like the Gideon character for a few minutes.”

Savage nailed the role as Gideon and made fans want to see more of him in a spin-off. “He did such a good job at being Young Gideon! Even his facial expressions were perfect,” another Reddit user noted about Savage.

Fans seem to agree that they need more young Gideon in their lives. “Agreed. I never watched any of the spinoffs, but I would watch young Gideon.”

Some fans still have hope to see a Gideon spin-off one day. “I am still holding out hope for this,” another Reddit user explained. “I was literally just thinking about this the other day, and now you’re doing this to me and it’s not (announced as) happening.”

Some viewers didn’t like the way Gideon was killed

Some fans weren’t happy with the way Gideon was killed and even young Gideon couldn’t save it. “While I did greatly enjoy the flashbacks with Rossi and Gideon, the unsub was so unimpressive and the way Gideon died felt so cheap and unfinished,” a Reddit user explained. “It was really a disgrace to Gideon’s character, which I loved.”

Fans would enjoy seeing young Gideon again

Other fans would like to see more flashbacks in the final season involving Gideon. “That was a good episode, and Ben Savage did a great job as a young Gideon creating the BAU,” a Reddit user said. “With the upcoming season being the final one, it would be great if all the past notables were to appear at some point, including a young Gideon.”

Criminal Minds will premiere one last season on Wednesday, January 8, 2020, at 9 p.m. Maybe fans will get to see young Gideon again soon.