‘Criminal Minds’: Why JJ’s Confession to Reid Won’t Change a Thing Between Them

With only one season left to go in the hit CBS series Criminal Minds, fans are wondering what will come of that explosive revelation on Jennifer “JJ” Jareau’s (A.J. Cook) part to Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler). With season 15 on the horizon, here’s why that confession won’t change anything between them.

JJ reveals a startling confession to Reid

A.J. Cook and Joe Mantegna
A.J. Cook and Joe Mantegna | Eric McCandless/CBS via Getty Images

The truth finally came out between JJ and Reid. JJ had to tell Reid a secret while being held at gunpoint. A terrifying unsub forced JJ to reveal the details and no one could believe what she revealed. “Spence, um, I’ve always loved you. And I was just too scared to say it before. And now things are just really too complicated to say now,” JJ said. “I’m sorry, but you should know.”

Why the new information won’t change anything

Nothing is going to change between JJ and Reid. They’ve been best friends for years and have learned to lean on one another when they need to. It’s understandable that feelings could be misconstrued, especially in the moment. Not to mention JJ is married to Will with children and she won’t want to risk uprooting her life for nothing. The bond that JJ and Reid share is real, but it’s definitely more of a friend thing.

Showrunner Erica Messer wasn’t on board with it at first

Messer wasn’t too keen about the situation when it was first pitched to her. “I was really concerned about it. The writers’ room pitched it to me and I was like, ‘No, we can’t do that,’” Messer told ET. “The more we talked about it as a team and the more we talked with Matthew and A.J. about it, it was like, ‘This could work. This makes sense and here’s why.’ It’s something that we wanted to explore in the final 10 [episodes] and allow ourselves insight into our heroes and allow them to grow from this revelation.”

Dr. Spencer Reid has a new love interest in season 15

To make matters worse for JJ and Reid, a new love interest has been cast for Reid going into the new season. TVLine reported that Rachael Leigh Cook will play Max in the upcoming season. She’s been cast as Reid’s new love interest. She will be appearing in at least two of the final 10 episodes. It sounds like Reid will have a lot of options in season 15.

Many fans aren’t happy about the Jeid situation

Fans weren’t exactly keen on the possible connection between JJ and Reid. Reddit is full of viewers talking about how they really feel about that explosive confession on JJ’s part. Many aren’t too happy about it, especially since JJ is married.

“I know deep down my subconcious mind I wanted them to be together I have been quietly rooting for them since S01 but this… IS just wrong!” a Reddit user revealed. “Felt so forced and rushed! Come on now! They have been dodging this for 13 seasons and suddenly a confession out of the blue from a married woman living a happy life with his family, Will and their kids. So why ruin it now?”

“When the end is approaching they seem to just hastily created a forced romance and I don’t buy it, it was never (well there are some but it’s short lived and it just happened naturally) in CM’s nature,” another user wrote.

Based on all the evidence and the way fans reacted for the most part, JJ and Reid won’t end up together at the end of the series. Reid already has another woman to keep him preoccupied. Not to mention he won’t want to ruin things between JJ and Will. Fans will learn the truth when the final season of Criminal Minds premieres on Wednesday, January 8, 2020, at 9 p.m. E.S.T.