Critics Think Kylie Jenner Is Using Daughter Stormi as Part of Her Brand Marketing Strategy

Kylie Jenner uses social media often to promote her products and show off her daughter Stormi. While plenty of proud parents share their kids on social media, some of Jenner’s critics think that the beauty mogul is using her daughter as part of her marketing strategy.

Kylie Jenner attends the Adidas Falcon FW18 Launch: Gas Station Pop-up on September 6, 2018
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Kylie Jenner flaunts her wealth on Instagram

A Reddit discussion about the way Jenner flaunts her wealth on Instagram revealed that she’s turned off some of her fans. One Redditor asked, “How are people not turned off from Kylie when she’s flaunting her wealth with large frivolous purchases while the world is in crisis?” They pointed to some of the big price tag items she’s been showing off as of late, including a custom Rolls Royce and Prada designer bags for Stormi.

One critic pointed out that Jenner has followed this path for so long, explaining, “Being rich and flexing has been her brand from the beginning. She hasn’t changed, it’s her followers who have become more aware and started to call her out.”

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Some fans feel bad for her

While many people aren’t fans of Jenner’s excessive flaunting, many commented about how they feel bad for Jenner’s lifestyle. Though she can seemingly have it all, money doesn’t buy you happiness. “I think she has become super greedy these last couple of years… but I still feel bad for her because to me it feels like she is deeply unhappy in her life,” one Redditor noted.

The Redditor added that “her life and world seems very empty to me… I hope she can try to get in therapy eventually and work on gaining more inner peace.”

Others questioned whether Jenner is using Stormi as part of her marketing strategy, even though she grew up in the spotlight herself. One Redditor noted, “I felt bad for her when she was younger because she didn’t choose to have her life broadcast on TV, she was only a kid and didn’t have a say.”

They added, “But then I stopped pitying her when she and Travis started using their daughter as a marketing tactic. It’s like she forgot about what she would have wanted as a child and is shoving her daughter into the spotlight for clout just like Kris did. She knows Stormi gets the most media attention, clicks and likes. It’s always centered around whatever keeps them relevant and makes them the most money.”

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coolest baby to ever do ittt⛈

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Is Jenner listening to her critics?

Some fans have noticed that while Jenner is still showing off Stormi on Instagram, she might be dialing things back a bit in response to her critics. In recent Instagram posts showing Stormi, Jenner hasn’t included her daughter’s face.

In one image, Stormi is sitting eating a popsicle, but the photo cuts off her head from the image, only showing the little girl’s shirt, shorts, and top — and the lime green popsicle.

In another post, Jenner shared a pic of Stormi taken from behind that shows the little one sitting with her spendy handbag and her hair up in a bun. Some fans have questioned why Jenner isn’t showing Stormi’s face these days, with some guessing that maybe Jenner is looking for more privacy for her daughter.