The Relatable Reason Why Cynthia Nixon Won’t Watch ‘American Horror Story’

Cynthia Nixon may have soared as Gwendolyn Briggs on Ratched, but don’t expect her to be on Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story anytime soon. Murphy has a history of reusing actors. So given all the comparisons between the new Netflix series and the FX anthology, some fans have been hoping Nixon will score an AHS cameo. But in a recent interview, the actor shared why she isn’t sure whether she’d appear on — or even watch — American Horror Story

Who is Cynthia Nixon?

Cynthia Nixon as Gwendolyn on 'Ratched'
Cynthia Nixon as Gwendolyn on ‘Ratched’ | Saeed Adyani/Netflix

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Nixon has a lengthy resume. She has been in a number of projects, from The Big C to Hannibal. But you probably recognize the actor as Miranda Hobbes from the Sex and the City franchise. She also won a Tony Award for her performance in Rabbit Hole

That said, Nixon’s part on Ratched was a far cry from her previous roles. 

“I thought [Gwendolyn] was such an interesting character. Not like the kind of characters I usually play that are kind of darker and more complicated. And she was so purely who she is and so optimistic and determined,” Nixon told Harper’s Bazaar. “Unlike any other character in the show, [she] didn’t have parts of her that she was deeply unsettled by or trying to eradicate or forget.”

She continued, “I just thought, ‘I’m amazed that Ryan has thought of me for this, because I don’t usually play the sunny optimist. But I will try.’”

Cynthia Nixon says she’s ‘terrified’ of ‘American Horror Story’

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While Nixon was willing to change it up for Ratched, it’s unlikely the actor will return to Murphy’s TV universe with American Horror Story. In an interview with Collider from October 2020, Nixon revealed she was too scared to watch more than one episode of AHS. So she’d rather appear on another one of Murphy’s projects.

“I tried to watch American Horror Story and only made it through one episode,” Nixon said. “I was so terrified by it. So, I don’t know. Working with Ryan Murphy in general? Absolutely. I’m not sure it will be American Horror Story.”

Nevertheless, Nixon pointed out that she didn’t expect to take on a role like Gwendolyn. So really, anything can happen in the future.

“But who knows? I didn’t think that a character like Gwendolyn would be my forte either. But Ryan Murphy thought differently,” she said.

Nixon also shared her admiration for Murphy’s ability to pinpoint which actors would be the perfect fit for his project. She said: 

In the same way that he has an encyclopedic knowledge of art and old movies, he also has an encyclopedic Rolodex of actors in his brain. As actors, we so admire Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, and Susan Sarandon. We’re already on his side, by his great taste in actresses in particular, but specifically actresses over 40, 50, and 60. They are some of the best actors around. But because of their age, they’re not always given the opportunities they should be, except by Ryan Murphy.

Although Nixon won’t watch American Horror Story, it’s certainly possible the actor will work with Murphy again in the future. But whatever happens, at least Ratched fans can expect to see Nixon reprise her role as Gwendolyn when season 2 drops on Netflix.

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