Cynthia Nixon Shares the Big Way ‘Sex and the City’ Would Be Different Today

For six years, millions of people tuned in to the television show Sex and the City in order to find out what Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda were up to. The show ran for a total of 94 episodes, and fans would say that it was not only addicting but was also their guilty pleasure. In fact, people just couldn’t get enough of the show, and the cast became one of the most talked-about groups of actors of all time.

The show didn’t stop after the small screen — its popularity led to two movies, both of which were huge successes. The main characters were soon household names, with fans around the world comparing themselves to the four women, copying their styles, and holding viewing parties each time the show aired.

Who are the main ‘Sex and the City’ cast members?

Kirsten Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Davis and Kim Cattrall
Kirsten Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Davis and Kim Cattrall | Richard Corkery/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images)

Just in case there is anyone who doesn’t know, the stars of the show were Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie, Kim Cattrall as Samantha, Kristin Davis as Charlotte, and Cynthia Nixon as Miranda. The show, which was based in New York City, dealt with many issues that young women themselves could relate to. The show dealt with these issues from the viewpoints of all four of the main characters, adding to the appeal of what it could offer to the millions of fans. 

Was ‘Sex and the City’ a feminist show?

Cast member Cynthia Nixon seems to think so. The show dealt with issues that women would face and pretty much stereotyped the lives of the upper-class group of people in their 30s and 40s. It seems to portray the idea that everyone can relate to this type of personality and rarely explored life outside of their world and Manhattan in general.

Was ‘Sex and the City’ believable?

This is a matter of opinion. While the show was certainly entertaining, it may or may not have been completely believable. The main characters are dressed in high-end clothes, with perfect hair and makeup pretty much all the time, something that would be rare for anyone in today’s world. Mr. Big was a character that helped make the show what it is, with Carrie documenting the ups and downs of their relationship, which is definitely something that many people can relate to. In addition, the four main cast members were extremely superficial and self-centered, something that many people don’t enjoy in reality, although it definitely made for good television.

Was ‘Sex and the City’ diverse?

Absolutely not. Cynthia Nixon again voiced her opinion regarding this, saying that the show was not diverse at all. She stated her thoughts that if the show were being filmed currently, there would definitely not be an all-white cast as there was when it all began 20 years ago. Although Nixon was one of the main cast members and can attribute her fame to her role as Miranda, she was somewhat critical of the show that is responsible for her fame and success as an actress.

What else did Cynthia Nixon have to say?

Nixon feels that Sex and the City did not promote diversity and feminism, both of which are important to her as a politician. She seems to have a very strong opinion about this, and it is possible that she feels that if the show were filmed in current times, it would not be near as successful. Sex and the City certainly didn’t give viewers a realistic aspect of what life is like for most people – it only focused on those who had large bank accounts and sheltered lives, not on what most people deal with in their daily routines. Although there are many people who likely agree with what Cynthia had to say, most would admit that Sex and the City was and will always be a favorite.