Cam Coldheart Says DaBaby Jumped Him In Louis Vuitton Store Fight

Last night, North Carolina rapper DaBaby took to Instagram to share videos of him beating up his personal rival, Cam Coldheart. The two rappers have been at each other’s throats for the better part of 2019, and this all came to a head when they were both shopping in a Louis Vuitton store. From the video footage that DaBaby posted, it looks as if Coldheart antagonized DaBaby and threw the first punch in the fight. But is that really what happened?

DaBaby | Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The rivalry

Though this is the first time DaBaby and Coldheart have gotten into a physical altercation, the two rappers have been at odds for a few months now. It all started when Coldheart declared that DaBaby wasn’t a good representative for Charlotte. From there a feud broke out and it all came to a boiling point in Louis Vuitton when two rappers threw hands at one another.


If DaBaby’s videos are to be believed, it seems that Coldheart was once again the instigator of the altercation. While DaBaby was shopping with another man, Coldheart is seen antagonizing the “Suge” rapper. “You a b*tch. DaBaby in here talking some sh*t. He walking up on me and sh*t like he about to do something. What you gon’ do? What you taking your sh*t off for?” Coldheart taunts over and over, also recording the interaction on his cell phone.

From there, Dababy begins to engage Coldheart. He asks Coldheart why he’s acting so scared and tells him that he should just “buy his sh*t”. Coldheart quickly fires back “scared of what” before turning the fight into a physical one by taking the first swing.

Quickly it became clear that Coldheart should not have stepped to DaBaby. The subsequent video shows Coldheart on the floor with a very bloody nose and his pants pulled all the way down. “Huh Cam Coldheart? I’m the truth! Knocked him out. Quit playing with me, boy pick your pants up!” DaBaby yells while a bamboozled Coldheart rolls around in confusion and despair. DaBaby then posted the altercation to his Instagram with the caption. “When bullying Baby on the internet goes wrong🤦🏾‍♂️”


While it’s quite clear that DaBaby came out of this fight victorious, Coldheart maintains that the videos don’t tell the full story. Coldheart took to his own Instagram to share his side of the story. Coldheart claims that he was jumped by two people, not just DaBaby. He enlists the help of one of the security guards to help validate his story. “We in Louis! Why security got to lie? Two people jumped on Coldheart and I’m still in here to pick up my Louis V. belt” Coldheart declares. Continuing on he boasts about how well he’s doing considering he got jumped. “C’mon I’m still going out tonight man. What y’all talking about man, I’m good. It’s good. Two people and I still look like this. Dis pretty.”

The winner

While it’s unclear who’s telling the whole truth, what we do know for certain is that Coldheart got beat up. We can clearly see the evidence of his bloody and scratched nose in both his own video and Dababy’s. Furthermore, we have to wonder why he chose to wear dark sunglasses inside the Louis Vuitton store when he wasn’t before. Could he also be sporting a black eye? Whether he is or isn’t, perhaps this is a good lesson in minding your own business.