‘Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller Returns to Her Pittsburgh Studio But Her Battle Isn’t Over

Abby Lee Miller is returning to her Pittsburgh dance studio, and fans can tune in on June 4th to watch her triumphant homecoming. While Miller has been a polarizing reality TV star since she was first introduced on the Lifetime show, Dance Moms, her prison stint and recent battle with a life-threatening illness seem to have changed the sarcastic dance teacher. Time will only tell if the softer Abby will remain a present force in the dance studio, but one thing is for sure, fans are interested in seeing the dance aficionado return to television.

Why was Abby Lee Miller in jail?

Miller announced that she wouldn’t be returning to Dance Moms in 2017, around the time that her legal battle was beginning to really ramp up. Facing a litany of charges, Miller had more important things to contend with than then irate mothers. Miller’s legal battle was delayed several times, with sentencing finally taking place in May 2017.

Miller reported to a California jail in July 2017 to serve a one year and one-day prison term. She was released from the facility in March 2018 after serving eight months, but she wasn’t home free at that point. Miller was sent to a halfway house where she would then reintegrate into society, but her stay in the halfway house was cut short due to medical issues. Miller served the remainder of her sentence in a hospital.

When did Abby Lee Miller get sick?

Miller, in a candid interview, alleges she had gone to the emergency room several times for pain-related symptoms but was sent on her way. In April 2018, she was being treated for what doctors thought was a spinal infection. As it turned out, Miller had a rare form of lymphoma. Burkitt Lymphoma is an aggressive form of the disease, beginning in the spine and then spreading outward. Miller underwent radical spinal surgery immediately.

Once the surgery was complete, She began chemotherapy and radiation to treat the cancer. Several more operations followed, according to CNN and the dance teacher has at least another one to go. Miller also spent months in physical therapy, learning to sit up again, and, hopefully learning to walk again soon. For now, Miller is in a wheelchair, but she isn’t about to let that slow her down.

When does ‘Dance Moms: Redemption’ premiere?

Lifetime has the newest installment slated to premiere on June 4, 2019, but if you are hoping for the old cast of characters, you’ll be disappointed. The last time fans saw Abby on TV, she was working out of a dance studio in Los Angeles. While that studio may still exist, Abby is heading home to wear it all began for her redemption season.

Abby Lee Miller of 'Dance Moms' fame
Abby Lee Miller | Photo by Hollywood To You/Star Max/GC Images

Back in Pittsburgh, new students, new moms, and new dance instructors are sure to keep fans entertained. The may be one very different aspect to the new season; Miller insists she no longer flies off the handle. Could a mellower Dance Moms be on the horizon?