Dance Moms: When Does Season 8 Premiere?

“Get Up Get On the Floor. My world is with my girls livin’ on the dance floor!” After a long hiatus that lasted nearly two years, Dance Moms is finally returning to Lifetime. Here’s when the season is set to air.

Abby Lee Miller
Abby Lee Miller | Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

It’s hard to believe that Dance Moms first premiered nearly 8 years ago. The original show centered around the junior elite competition team (and their mothers) at the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The OG’s

The show followed seven girls (Chloe, Maddie, Nia, Mackenzie, Brooke, Paige, and Vivi-Anne), ranging in ages from six to fourteen under the strict tutelage of their dance teacher and studio owner, Abby Lee Miller. The show chronicled their individual and collective dance journeys each week, as they learned and performed new routines at competitions across the country, all in pursuit of a national dance title.

The show quickly accrued unforeseen success and gained a cult following. Not only did the series shed light on the dance community and the dedication and sacrifice that it takes to be successful in the dance world, but it was also packed full of drama. Between the feuding mothers, who would do just about anything to ensure their child was coming out on top, to Abby’s harsh teaching style, the show was never short on arguments and wild antics.

The wrath of Abby

At the center of the show is Miller, who has a very unorthodox method of teaching. Fond of screaming at children and sometimes even belittling them, she drills into her students the idea that “everyone is replaceable.” The dance teacher reminds the girls at every turn that there are “a million kids who would love to have your spot.” Tears are considered completely unacceptable to Miller, with the exception of serious injuries, and the teacher demands nothing less than perfection from her dancers. She pushes her students to the absolute limit, constantly stating that she is training them to be “professional, employable, working dancers”.

The dance teacher has always admitted to her harsh methods, insisting that they yield incredible results. In the upcoming trailer for the new season, Miller says “I need to get back to teaching. I need to get back to screaming at children. I need to get back to my roots.” From the looks of the trailer, time away from the studio hasn’t mellowed the ALDC owner out at all. It might be a new season, but it’s the same old Abby Lee Miller.

The new season

The road to Dance Moms Season 8 hasn’t been an easy one. The series was put on hold when Miller was convicted of bankruptcy fraud and sentenced to one year in federal prison. After serving eight months of her sentence, Miller was released only to discover that she had spinal cancer. Miller endured ten rounds of chemotherapy and is currently cancer free. However, the disease did leave her partially paralyzed, which she is still coping with.

Miller reflects on her tumultuous journey throughout the Season 8 trailer with the following words, “Everyone counted me out. I had to fight to get back here, and you will have to fight too. Fight to keep your legs straight, fight to keep your turns tight, and fight to be the best. We’re back, and whoever counted us out, can’t count. “

Season 8 premiere date

Mark your calendars, Dance Moms returns to Lifetime on Tuesday, June 4, 2019 at 9PM/8PMc. Can’t wait that long? Well, “save your tears for the pillow.”