‘Dancing With The Stars’: Alan Bersten Says This Dance With Hannah Brown Is His Favorite Dance He ‘Ever Created’

After an emotional Dancing With The Stars season, Alan Bersten and Hannah Brown are officially Mirrorball champions.

Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten | David Livingston/Getty Images
Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten | David Livingston/Getty Images

For Bersten, the shock has hardly worn off.

“I’ve had some time to process it all now and, honestly, I still can’t even believe it!!!! What is my life right now?! I am so thankful and grateful for this amazing opportunity. Thank you to everyone at Dancing With the Stars, thank you to everyone who has supported Hannah and I and, most importantly, thank you to Hannah for never giving up and doing your best and just inspiring me every day!!!” the professional dancer wrote in his last DWTS blog for Entertainment Tonight.

Bersten shared that, as soon as the show wrapped for the evening (and the season), he and Brown let out one last “Woooo!” as is their tradition.

“As soon as the show wrapped and the cameras turned off, Hannah and I did our “wwwooooooooo!” I think I also just kept saying over and over again, ‘I can’t believe this. I can’t believe this. We did it!'” he wrote.

Alan Bersten’s favorite ‘DWTS’ dances with Hannah Brown

Bersten says he’s proud of the “pretty special dances” he choreographed for Brown.

He also revealed some of his favorite dances from the season:

“If I had to pick a few of our top moments on the show together, I’d say our Viennese Waltz to Taylor Swift’s “Lover” was very special to me, and our Quickstep to Elle King’s “American Girl” made me feel like we had a great shot at winning!”

But the dance Bersten is most proud of was his and Brown’s freestyle dance during the finale.

“But our freestyle to Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire” and Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl” (which we performed in the finale), is probably my favorite dance I ever created! It all came together so nicely, thanks to the creative team, costume department, producers and all of the crew,” he wrote.

Bersten is so over-the-moon about his win with Brown that he’s been sleeping with his Mirrorball trophy “to cuddle with it for a while.”

“But I think I’m actually going to make a little stand for both of them :)  And Hannah said she is going to put hers next to her bed,” he wrote.

Why Alan Bersten thinks he and Hannah Brown won the Mirrorball

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Ultimately, Bersten attributes his and Brown’s DWTS success to their “special partnership.”

“Hannah and I are so lucky to have won, and I think it’s because we had such a good relationship with each other and the fans saw that. We had some incredible dances, and we are so lucky we got to share this experience with all the fans,” he wrote.

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