‘Dancing with the Stars’: Does Sharna Burgess Still Talk to Bobby Bones?

Bobby Bones and Sharna Burgess

Bobby Bones and Sharna Burgess on Dancing with the Stars | ABC/Craig Sjodin

Bobby Bones and Sharna Burgess had an amazing journey in Season 27. The radio host was considered a longshot as a winner due to his scores but he ended up taking the trophy home with Burgess. The two seemed close throughout the season and Burgess was his biggest supporter. But do they still keep in touch after the crazy backlash to their win? Here is everything you need to know.

Sharna Burgess said she still talks to some of her former dance partners from Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars has led to a lot of romances between dance partners. But it has also led to a lot of cute friendships. Burgess revealed that she still keeps in touch with some of her former celebrity dance partners.

A fan asked her if she still talks to any of them on Instagram. She answered, “Some, not all” then said “Go on … guess who I DON’T speak to.”

Those celebrities include Andy Dick, Keyshawn Johnson, Charlie White, Tavis Smiley, Noah Calloway, Nick Carter, Antonio Brown, James Hinchcliffe, Bonner Bolton, Derek Fisher, and Josh Norman. Her first win was with her last partner, Bobby Bones. But does she still talk to the radio personality?

Burgess said she’s gotten closer to Bobby Bones since the show

Dancing with the Stars winners

DWTS winners 2018 | Dancing with the Stars via

The two are not only still in touch, but Burgess told her fans that they have gotten “even closer.” “He’s one of my favorite humans, a best friend, family, and a mentor for me,” she said according to Us Weekly. “I’m so invested in his happiness and success. I also know how much he just cringed reading this. He isn’t good at receiving love and praise … but he deserves it all the time.”

The dancer said she was surprised that the show won’t return in the spring

It was previously announced that Dancing with the Stars won’t be returning in the spring as it has since the start of the show. Sharna Burgess revealed that she wasn’t expecting that news.

When the news came out I was incredibly surprised,” Burgess told Entertainment Tonight. “I knew it was a bit of a conversation, there was a buzz about it.” She then continued saying “We’re trying to figure out what we wanna do with that spring/summer time for us,” then “We’re going to confirm that date.”

There were some rumors that the push back was a sign that the show wasn’t doing so hot in ratings. But the professional dancer doesn’t believe the dance competition is at risk at all. “This show is such a fan favorite,” she said. “I mean, come on, it’s not going anywhere! We’re gonna do 30, 35, maybe 45 seasons! I’ll have babies and be married, retired by that point, but this is DWTS… it isn’t going anywhere.”

So Sharna Burgess and Bobby Bones seem to be good friends. The dancer also is confident that the show will continue for many more years.

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