‘Dancing With the Stars’: How Does Sean Spicer’s Partner Lindsay Arnold Feel About Being Paired With Him?

Dancing with the Stars is a place where celebrities come to do one of two things. Either they sign on to the show to repair a tarnished image or to boost their fame. In Sean Spicer’s case, it’s probably the former.

After a stint as the White House press secretary and a very public firing, Spicer’s image was not in the best shape. In a country that has become very divided over political leanings, bringing such a political figure onto a family television show was a risky move.

The backlash of Sean Spicer joining ‘DWTS’

Fans were not amused when it was announced that Spicer would be joining the season 28 lineup.

“ABC should not be normalizing and glamorizing a paid liar,” one person tweeted. “Spicer had his fifteen minutes, 14:59 more than he deserved. Shame on ABC for extending his ‘relevance.'”

Even host Tom Bergeron took to social media to express his dismay at the choice.

“Chief among them was my hope that DWTS, in its return following an unprecedented year-hiatus, would be a joyful respite from our exhausting political climate and free of inevitably decisive booking from ANY political affiliations,” Bergeron tweeted.

“Subsequently (and rather obviously), a decision was made to, as we often say in Hollywood, ‘go in a different direction,'” he said.

“It is the prerogative of the producers, in partnership with the network, to make whatever decisions they feel are in the best long-term interests of the franchise. We can agree to disagree, as we do now, but ultimately it’s their call.”

When one of the other stars, Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown, tried to defend his DWTS costar, it didn’t end well for him either.

“Sean Spicer and I have been talking,” Brown told Access Hollywood. “I was most excited to meet him because, the thing is, is that people would look at us and think that we’re polar opposites, but I’m a big believer that if you can talk to someone and meet in the middle, you can learn about each other and help each other both grow. So, we have been chatting all day today. He’s a good guy, really sweet guy.”

People responded to Brown’s statement with such hate that the star deleted his Twitter completely.

How does Lindsay Arnold feel about being paired with Sean Spicer?

Most people in the cast can ignore Spicer if they don’t want to be around him. But there is one person who will be tied to the former press secretary for the remainder of the season and that’s his partner, Lindsay Arnold.

But Arnold is not worried about what people have to say.

“It is going to be natural to see tons of people having comments about what we’re doing,” Lindsay told Entertainment Tonight. “But what I love about this show is that so many different people come together and enjoy what we do and have fun, and that’s what I wanted to do this entire season.”

“We’re already having fun and we’re going to continue to do that,” she said.