‘Dancing With the Stars’: It’s Groundhog Day as the Worst Dancer Advances Again

It was Halloween night for Dancing With the Stars, but for most viewers it was more like Groundhog Day. That’s because the dancer with the worst score survived (again) while someone you’d actually stop and watch on a dance floor went home.

Indeed, with Karamo Brown (25) eliminated and Sean Spicer (18) staying in the competition, you’d be right to wonder where the show went wrong. In a season known mostly for the misguided casting choices and slipping ratings, the fact bad dancers keep winning would seem like a kiss of death.

Judging by fan feedback (not to mention the ratings themselves), that could be exactly where the show is headed. However, there are still several weeks left for DWTS Season 28. For now, fans can only do what the judges did last night: grimace and hope for better next week.

‘DWTS’ judges were horrified by the couples marked for elimination

DANCING WITH THE STARS – “Halloween” | Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images

Most Dancing With the Stars viewers aren’t experts on technique. Some might not know the difference between the hustle and the jive, and others might struggle recognizing a cha-cha compared to a paso doble. But everyone can tell when a dancer’s timing is off.

That’s plain as day when watching someone dance. So when viewers witnessed Spicer’s jive performance, it hit everyone over the head: The guy is dancing to a different beat than the song playing in the background. To call it painfully obvious was charitable.

Feeling somewhat generous — or embarrassed they are still grading a dancer on Spicer’s level in Week Seven — the judges each gave him a six. The only other contestant who scored below a 25 (Kate Flannery at 24) landed with Brown among the couples who weren’t safe.

But the bad news had already broke: Spicer was safe anyway. Upon hearing that news, the judges either shook their head (Len Goodman), waved their arms (Bruno Tonioli), or threw their head in their hands (Carrie Ann Inaba).

Host Tom Bergeron acknowledged the groans and jeers from the audience: “We’re having a little deja vu here,” he said. Even more telling was the reaction of Lindsay Arnold, Spicer’s partner. Arnold gasped and looked at the camera as if to say, “WHAT?!”

Spicer had the worst Week 7 score since Andy Dick in 2013

If you watch Spicer’s routine, you’ll see the choreographer’s tried to keep him from dancing as much as possible. After starting out in a coffin, he has several sequences of standing still while Arnold dances around him. That’s a good strategy, but ultimately Spicer had to move.

Things fell apart quickly when he did. “Halloween’s about the supernatural,” Goodman quipped. “This wasn’t super, and it wasn’t really natural, either.” After notes on his rhythm from Tonioli, Inaba (Spicer’s biggest fan) noted his lack of progress. “You’re backsliding a little bit,” she said.

Sure, Spicer is bad, but his performance wasn’t the worst of all time for someone who made it to the show’s seventh week. This decade, that honor belongs to Andy Dick, the comedian who scored a 17 dancing the rumba way back in 2013 (Season 16).

But there’s one thing that separates Dick’s underwhelming performance from Spicer’s: Dick got eliminated that night. We suppose DWTS voters hadn’t yet invented the participation trophy.

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