‘Dancing With The Stars’: What Carrie Ann Inaba Says About Sean Spicer’s Safety

Not only have been Dancing with the Stars fans criticized the show for Sean Spicer continuing to be in the competition, but now judge Carrie Ann Inaba has also opened up about Spicer’s continued safety is “frustrating.”

Carrie Ann Inaba
Carrie Ann Inaba | Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Ally Brooke faced elimination with a perfect score

Though she received the first perfect score of the season, somehow pop singer and Fifth Harmony member Ally Brooke was in the Bottom 2. Brooke vented about her feelings about the matter on Instagram.

She said, “So many mixed emotions tonight. I’m elated yet disappointed because I landed in the bottom two even after receiving the first perfect score of the season. All I know is this. I’ve given this my all and I’m so thankful for my fans voting each and every week. I had the time of my life performing #Higher tonight. With every move, every emotion, I leave it all on the floor for you!!”

Kate Flannery, who was also in the Bottom 2, ended up going home with her pro partner, Pasha Pashkov.

Spicer was not in the bottom two even though he has received the lowest score four weeks in a row. The week before, Queer Eye‘s Karamo Brown went home though he scored several points higher than Spicer.

Carrie Ann Inaba speaks about Sean Spicer

In an interview with Us Weekly. Inaba talked about the fact that Spicer was still safe. “My reaction to Sean being saved, it’s frustrating. There are really great dancers being sent home, but that is part of our show. It’s always been the audience and the judges’ perspective. So I’m not — I can’t be mad at it, but it’s frustrating.”

She continued, “We want the people to be involved, and this is the way they are voting. It’s hard because sometimes I hear the feedback from the people. ‘Hey, why aren’t the best dancers staying in?’ Well, that’s up to you guys. I’m doing my job, right? And people need to vote. So, I just hope that those who are frustrated with this happening as well vote as passionately as the people who support Sean.”

Karamo Brown backtracks on Sean Spicer comments

Inaba’s remarks come around the same time as Brown walked back on some of his comments about his relationship with Spicer. After Spicer stayed and he was eliminated, Brown told Andy Cohen, “He can’t dance, that’s literally what it is. But it’s also fan vote. And Middle America watches the show and they vote for him. And also our president, who should be doing other stuff, has been tweeting ‘vote for the man.'”

He also talked about the backlash he received for his prior comments that were pro-Spicer. “…There was no friendship,” Brown said. “I was just saying that, if we’re going to be on the same show, I’m going to have a respectful conversation with someone who’s different from me.”

Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays on ABC.