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Becoming the Bachelorette gives you a second shot at love. Usually, the women who get the job have just had their hearts ripped out by a Bachelor on live television and now they get the chance to find love on their own terms.

When Hannah Brown became the Bachelorette, Bachelor Nation was nervous about whether she would make a good lead or not, but overall everyone was excited to see Brown finally find someone that was a good fit for her.

Did Brown find love?

Unfortunately for Brown, she had a few bad eggs in her group that didn’t allow her to really give her all to the process. Luke Parker took over most of the show with his possessive antics and by the time he left, Brown only had a few weeks to focus on who she wanted her husband to be. In the end, she chose Jed Wyatt.

After filming the finale, Brown found out that Wyatt had had a girlfriend the entire time that he was on the show. Unable to get over his lies, she ended their engagement.

“I am not with Jed anymore,” she told audiences at The Bachelorette live finale. “The engagement is over, we are not together. That is not what I said yes to. When I said those things, the things that I said to him on my engagement date, I thought that was my day, and I feel like that was taken from me and how special that was, and it’s been really hard to gravel with that, but I know that what I got is not what I ever wanted for a life partner and love that is not built on a foundation of trust and honesty. I have grown so much, and I know I deserved more than that.”

Is Brown joining ‘Dancing with the Stars?’

Since finishing her run as the Bachelorette, Brown has not faded out of the public eye one bit. She recently appeared on the Bachelorette spinoff show, Bachelor in Paradise and has been doing several post-show interviews and podcasts.

Over the weekend, fans started to speculate that maybe Brown would be joining the cast of Dancing with the Stars after the show posted a black and white image of a woman who could be Brown.

“We’d LOVE to tell you who this is… But we’re going to make you wait a few more days,” the show captioned the photo. “Any guesses?”

And today, ABC announced that the former beauty queen would be a part of the 2019 cast.

Fans want love for Brown

Dancing with the Stars is typically not a dating show, but fans are still rooting for Brown to find love after her rough journey as the Bachelorette.

“Hannah better get cast on Dancing with the Stars & have a steamy love affair with her dance partner or we riot at dawn,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“That would be nice if Hannah Brown fell in love with her dance partner on this season of #DWTS but are any of the guys still single?” another person asked.

“All the guys are married or dating someone except maybe Alan, Brandon, or Artur if he’s on this season,” one fan speculated. “So which means, Hannah won’t fall in love with her partner if she’s paired with anyone else. Maybe a contestant or a troupe member.”

We’ll have to wait and see if Brown actually does find love this season.