‘Schitt’s Creek’ Star Daniel Levy Reveals Which ‘Real Housewives’ Franchise is ‘The Greatest Gift’ to Him

Schitt’s Creek bowed with its last season this year, and actor/showrunner Dan Levy graciously hung up his David Rose persona while thanking fans for the love. The hilarious series left with a bang and scored a whopping 15 Emmy nominations.

Between the Rose family’s ending and COVID-19 lockdowns, Levy’s had time to transform into a casual viewer and binge-watch a bunch of TV shows just like the rest of us. And he even got sucked into The Real Housewives fandom.

Daniel Levy of 'Schitt's Creek'
Daniel Levy of ‘Schitt’s Creek’ | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Dan Levy is watching lots of reality TV right now

Schitt’s Creek is still receiving accolades from critics, fans, and the Emmy Awards and it’s definitely worth all the buzz. After it wrapped, Levy was ready for some downtime. He told W Magazine that for the first time, he decided to dive into the realm of unscripted television.

He said that he’d never watched dating series before, but he’s fallen for those along with foodie adventures and The Real Housewives franchise.

Levy shared that Netflix’s Chef’s Table provides a level of excitement for him since he can’t travel right now. And overall, reality shows are filling a space for him as both a distraction and entertainment. He’s even dabbled in Below Deck on Bravo.

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Which ‘Real Housewives’ crew does Dan Levy favor?

Levy admitted that he is a big fan of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and it came highly recommended. He called it a gift.

“I would say the greatest gift I have been given was the Real Housewives of Atlanta franchise, which was some of the greatest ups and downs I have experienced in reality television in my short time with it.”

Longtime fans of RHOA know that it’s easy to get drawn into the drama, shade, and friendships that are rolled up into 12 seasons. Levy, a masterful comedic writer, explained why he liked the show.

“I think what I loved about it was that even when it was mean, people were laughing, and there was a kind of joy to it, even in the hysteria, and a level of self-awareness, which to me—I just don’t want to know that people are getting legitimately upset,” he said. “The world’s too dark, which is why watching that show just brought me so much joy.”

Whether Levy is interested in season 13 and its new cast is unclear.

There’s another fan-favorite series that Levy likes

Though it’s not a reality show, there’s one other drama that Levy really digs: The Great. He’s a fan of the series’ writer and noted that the satire, casting, and cinematography helped him fall into the re-imagined world of Catherine the Great.

The dramedy is available to stream on Hulu and focuses on a teenage Catherine, played by Elle Fanning, and her rise to becoming Russia’s longtime ruler. Season 1 features 10 episodes and the show was just renewed for season 2.

For Levy, there’s one thing all these shows have in common, and it’s that they provide an escape. And RHOA is sprinkling some joy in there too.