Danielle Busby From OutDaughtered Is in ‘the Worst Physical Pain’ After Major Surgery

Danielle Busby is having a tough time. The mom of six is recovering from surgery, and it’s not pleasant. In fact, during a recent doctor’s visit, she experienced “the worst physical pain I have ever had in my life,” she shared in a November 18 Instagram post. 

Danielle Busby had a hysterectomy 

Busby gave birth to quintuplets in 2015. Life after the pregnancy has been difficult, the OutDaughtered star revealed in a November 12 YouTube video

“I know this isn’t something we haven’t ever really shared or talked about, but life physically after having quintuplets has been super painful, challenging, hard,” the 35-year-old explained. She said that she was proud of being able to carry her daughters for 28 weeks, but that “the past three years have been really, really filled with a lot of physical pain.” 

She went on to share that she suffered from polycystic ovary syndrome. The painful condition causes cysts to form on her ovaries.

“[C]ysts keep forming on my ovaries and they keep rupturing, which is just unbearable,” she said. Some days, the pain was so bad it was difficult to get out of bed. 

After a year of trying different treatments that didn’t relieve the pain, Busby and her doctors decided it was time to have a hysterectomy, the reality TV star revealed. 

A painful recovery

In her YouTube video, Busby said she wasn’t nervous about the surgery. But she did say that she knew the recovery — whch she expected to take six to eight weeks — would be tough. Fortunately, the procedure went smoothly. While doctors removed her uterus, they did not have to remove her ovaries, which made Busby happy. 

“I don’t want to go through menopause at 35,” she said post-surgery. 

Fans offer their support 

Danielle Busby with daughter Riley
Danielle Busby and daughter Riley | Danielle Busby via Instagram

It’s been about a week since her surgery, and Busby is still healing. When she posted about her severe pain, fans on Instagram responded with messages of support. Several shared their own stories about recovering from a hysterectomy.

“It is God awful pain and it took me almost 10 weeks to feel human again BUT, once I healed.. it was a magical transformation. Hang in there!! It does get better,” wrote one. 

“It took me about 4 weeks to feel normal again but it’s been the best decision to ever made!” shared another commenter. 

“That recovery is sooooo hard. I had it last year. It. Will. Get. Better,” someone else chimed in. “Praying for swift and complete healing and that you feel 100xs better afterwards than pre-surgery!”

The quints are also supporting their mom

The Busby quints may only be four years old, but they have also been supporting their mom as she recovers. They even put on a princess show for her. Busby also shared a photo of herself and daughter Hazel snuggling on the couch after she returned from the hospital. 

“My little Hazel 💕 telling myself lots of good stories and waiting to see all my bobos haha,” Busby captioned the post. “The girls have been so sweet and helping me walk my laps around the house holding my hand.”