Danielle Busby From ‘OutDaughtered’ Revealed She’s Getting a New Tattoo, and Here’s Why

While the Busbys are relative newcomers to the world of reality TV, they’ve already attained quite a fan base thanks to their willingness to share their parenting journey with the world on TLC’s OutDaughtered. It all started with Danielle and Adam Busby, the parents of the first set of all-female quintuplets in the United States. Not only that, but they also have an older daughter, giving them six daughters total. The Busby quints are still extremely young, so Adam and Danielle are still learning how to juggle their work life, relationship, and parenting, too.

In the beginning of 2019, Danielle mentioned on Instagram that she was planning on getting a new tattoo. Here’s what she wants to get and why.

Danielle wants to get a religious design as a tattoo

Danielle isn’t shy about sharing what’s going on in her life with her followers on Instagram, and she had fans super excited when she posted about her tattoo idea back in January. She posted a photo of herself wearing a T-shirt she designed that had the word “faith” stitched on it. Danielle captioned the photo, “First new item in my shop @buzzworldshop is my Faith Cross tee. I love this design so much…so much that it’s going to be my next tattoo.”

In Touch Weekly reminds us Danielle is no stranger to getting ink, as she already has at least one other that fans have spotted on the inside of her left wrist. But her followers were particularly excited about her current idea, as they loved the logo and what it stood for. As one follower commented, “I have this exact faith script as a tattoo!” And another echoed with, “
I have that current tattoo on foot!”

Danielle and Adam have spoken about their strong faith before

So, why would Danielle choose to get the word “faith” with a cross design inked on her body permanently? It has everything to do with her devout religious views, of course. Fans know by now that Danielle and Adam had a very difficult time getting pregnant, as Danielle has written about her infertility struggles extensively on her blog, It’s a Buzz World. Danielle had trouble getting pregnant with bother her eldest daughter, Blayke, and the quintuplets, but she’s pointed to God as a source of strength for her during the most difficult times. As she wrote, “we just prayed and prayed about our situation and literally gave our struggles to God.” When she finally got pregnant with Blayke, she also pointed to God in the blog post as the reason.

Romper notes in an interview with a Houston-based news site, Danielle also mentioned that she feels she owes all of her good fortune with her children to God’s blessings. She said during the interview, “We are so thankful and blessed and I honestly give all the credit to my God. I am so thankful for this wonderful hospital and team of people here, they truly all are amazing.”

They believe God blessed them with the quintuplets, too

Not every parent would be ready to take on quintuplets, but Danielle wanted to have children so bad that she mentioned on her blog when she was told she was having five children, she couldn’t help but laugh. She wrote, “All I think about is what I was asking God for in my prayers…’what do you want from me? what am I to learn this time?’ I just am in shock and laughing at…or with God.. because wow! this is it…never thought He would place this upon us, lol.” And once the quints were born, Danielle and Adam also had a dedication ceremony in their local church.

The church service appeared to be a family tradition for Adam, and plenty of family, friends, and community members were in attendance to celebrate the birth of the quintuplets. Each child was dedicated to the church individually during the sweet ceremony, and it certainly made for an occasion the Busby’s family and friends would never forget.

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