Dark Side of Fame: Celebrities With the Most Dangerous Stalkers

Being a Hollywood celebrity has perks. The rich and famous seem to have it all, and the public is so fascinated by them that cameras follow them. But this can pose a threat and scare celebrities with delusional fans. Those obsessions can be dangerous and even turn deadly, as disturbed individuals will stop at nothing to get to them. These celebrities were harassed, threatened, or had terrifying encounters with their stalkers.

1. Madonna

Madonna stands in an intricate black and white dress and head piece while staring forward on the red carpet.

Madonna | Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Robert Dewey Hoskins stalked the Material Girl in the ’90s. On one occasion, he made his way onto Madonna’s property and threatened to slit her throat, but her security team shot him in the leg after he jumped the fence.

Consequences: In 1996, Hoskins received a 10-year prison sentence and served time in a mental hospital.

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