‘Dash and Lily’: The Most Unrealistic Scene in the Netflix Series

Dash & Lily, the Netflix show inspired by the book Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares, stars Austin Abrams and Midori Francis as the 2 eponymous main characters. While the series is a love letter to Christmas — and New York during the holiday season, especially — there are some scenes that stand out as wildly unrealistic about life in NYC.

[Spoiler alert for some aspects of Dash & Lily].

‘Dash and Lily’ casts New York in a dreamy holiday light

Dash and Lily cast members AUSTIN ABRAMS as DASH and MIDORI FRANCIS as LILY
Austin Abrams as Dash and Midori Francis as Lily in Dash & Lily Season 1, Episode 8 | Cr. ALISON COHEN ROSA/NETFLIX © 2020

According to Insider, native New Yorkers most likely watched Dash & Lily with a little bit of cringe. Indeed, the series — like any other fictional work — requires a bit of suspension of disbelief to be enjoyed. But there’s some extra holiday magic at work in the 8-episode TV show.

One major complaint Insider noted had to do with the general attitude of the New Yorkers that fill in the background of Lily and Dash’s love story. The fellow Manhattanites are not nearly angry enough, Insider argues, when Lily cuts a bathroom line at a club, when Dash budges a bunch of children to see Santa at Macy’s, or even when the 2 main characters stop in the middle of the sidewalk to text or read from the red notebook. There would most likely be a lot more swearing, yelling, or at the very least, in the case of texting in the middle of a busy sidewalk: bumping.

It’s not characteristic of 2 apparent native New Yorkers. Per Insider:

Dash should know better than to hold up foot traffic like that, so the brief moment already feels unrealistic. Even more shocking is that no one bumps into Dash or tells him to move while he’s texting — both responses are basically guaranteed if you stop short in NYC.

The Netflix series shows off NYC locations like The Strand — just without all the people

In addition, The Strand — a very popular city bookstore — is almost always empty when Dash is there, even though it’s the holiday season. It’s also hyper-organized for such a busy time of year, according to Insider:

The landmark is typically crowded — and would be extra popular around the holiday season when everyone’s rushing to purchase gifts — and part of the store’s charming chaos is that the shelves often end up a bit messy.

Cast member Austin Abrams on Dash & Lily
Austin Abrams on Dash & Lily | COURTESY OF NETFLIX/NETFLIX © 2020

When Dash visits, it’s markedly spotless.

Other locations in New York City, the Insider critic points out, are also suspiciously empty. Dyker Heights, the Brooklyn neighborhood where Dash goes to look at Christmas lights, is one example. Grand Central Station — even at the early hour Lily visits — is another: “there would likely still be passengers waiting for their train, vendors, or tourists walking around.”

Another scene that sticks out from Dash & Lily is the one in which Dash and Sofia sleep overnight at The Morgan Library and Museum. We doubt that 2 teens would be allowed to go in on their own, let alone spend the entire night there. (Even if Priya’s did is “on the board,” as Sofia explains.) However, we’ll write that one off to the power of New York rich-kid connections — and maybe a bit of Christmas magic.

So, what is the most unrealistic scene in the Netflix series?

The most unrealistic scene ‘Dash and Lily’ comes from episode 8

Hands down, the most glaringly-obvious non-New-Yorker thing that happens in Dash & Lily is the fact that Lily’s family decides to fly to Fiji (for her dad’s new job) at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Each year, thousands of people who flock to Times Square to see the infamous ball drop. (Reportedly, some tourists even get there so early, they wear diapers so they don’t lose their spot).

This means that “Manhattan on New Year’s Eve is usually a nightmare to drive through,” Insider reported. Not to mention, there are always several “streets that get closed down for celebrations.”

Dash and Lily
James Saito, Gideon Emery, Jennifer Ikeda, Troy Iwata, and Midori Francis in Dash & Lily | Cr. ALISON COHEN ROSA/NETFLIX © 2020

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While the series does acknowledge the bumper-to-bumper traffic on the way to the airport, it doesn’t make sense that Lily’s parents would opt for that flight time in the first place. As the publication noted, “especially since they’re both New Yorkers who should know how hellish traffic would be.”

However, we’ll chalk this one up to movie-magic timing; Lily sprinting out of the taxi to meet Dash for a midnight smooch at the Strand just wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t NYE.

Will there be a ‘Dash and Lily’ season 2?

Dash & Lily creator Joe Tracz told Decider that a 2nd season — based on book 2 in the series — is possible.

“I mean, it’s never far from my mind. I love these characters,” he told the publication. The source material is there, Tracz continued.

“And there is a 2nd book, so it’s definitely something I’ve given a lot of thought to,” the series creator explained. “I hope that if the series connects with people, that we’ll be able to get a chance to adapt that 2nd book.”