Dave Bautista Speculates James Gunn Firing Could Affect ‘Avengers 4’

Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 | Marvel

Could the firing of James Gunn actually impact what happens to the Guardians of the Galaxy in Avengers 4? Dave Bautista thinks that’s a possibility.

In a new interview with Digital Spy, the Drax actor said that he has to go in for Avengers 4 reshoots this fall, and he thinks it’s possible the Guardians situation could impact what Marvel decides to do with his character.

“[Vol. 3 is] on permanent hold for now, and that may make a difference in what they do with our characters in Avengers 4,” he said. “To be honest with you, right now I really don’t know. But I know I’m in Avengers 4. I’ve shot most of it already. I do have two days of reshoots. But other than that, I have some really great scenes that I hope they use. But I guess that it remains to be seen what they’ll do with the characters.”

Marvel fired James Gunn from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 back in July. By that point, Avengers 4 had already been mostly shot. The script for Vol. 3 was completed, with the plan being for that movie to start shooting in early 2019. Presumably, the Guardians’ plot in Avengers 4 ends in a way that would naturally lead to their adventure in Vol. 3.

But now that Vol. 3 is completely up in the air, it’s not impossible that the folks at Marvel could decide to use the upcoming reshoots as an opportunity to film a new ending for the Guardians. Not bringing back the ones who died, as some fans of suggested, seems extremely unlikely, but perhaps Marvel could concoct a new final scene for the characters which would be a satisfying ending for them if Vol. 3 never happens or does not happen for a longer time than expected.

As a side note, it’s also worth noting that Bautista’s interview suggests he’s in Avengers 4 for a good amount of time since he has multiple great scenes and needs to go back for two days of reshoots. This is yet another piece of evidence that the characters who disappeared in the snap will return and have a fair amount of screen time in Avengers 4, not merely showing up at the very end.

Drax smiling and laughing in a yellow room

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 | Marvel

Originally, the plan seemed to be for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 to be released in May 2020. That hadn’t been officially announced, but James Gunn had repeatedly stated that this was the year when the movie would come out, and Disney has a Marvel film slated for May 1st of that month. So with Vol. 3 being released just one year after Avengers 4, it would make sense for Avengers 4 to set it up in some way, perhaps with Nova or Adam Warlock showing up in the post-credits scene.

Now, the delay of Vol. 3 could complicate these plans, since that movie is now on an indefinite hold and almost certainly will not come out in May 2020 anymore, and in fact, it may not come out in 2020 at all. Vol. 3 was also supposed to set up the next 10 years of Marvel stories, so it seems that Gunn’s firing may cause a chain reaction that disrupts the entire flow of the Marvel Cinematic Universe going forward.