Daveed Diggs as Brother Voodoo? MCU Fans Would Like This Very Much, Thanks

With the success of Hamilton, and the Disney+ filmed adaptation, Daveed Diggs has become a household name once and for all playing Marquis de Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson. While around for quite some time on stage and in a few movies, some think he should join a franchise to soar even higher.

If others might think this is selling out too fast, it would still be a major coup to have Diggs play a superhero at say the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fans are starting to suggest this on social media, despite him having plenty of work of late.

After all, he is starring on the TNT series adaptation of Snowpiercer, not including voicing Pixar’s Soul soon. What MCU superhero could he play?

Daveed Diggs smiling at the camera, sitting down
Daveed Diggs | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

The wish for Daveed Diggs to become Brother Voodoo

On Reddit recently, someone started a thread asking for fan wish lists of actors to play future MCU superheroes. Names like Gillian Jacobs came up to play Sue Storm, or Giancarlo Esposito to play Norman Osborn.

Daveed Diggs’ name showed up as well to play none other than Brother Voodoo. Others piped in and said: “Daveed Diggs as Brother Voodoo isn’t something I didn’t know I needed.” All told, it really was a good choice, if maybe leaving some casual Marvel fans at a loss on who Brother Voodoo is as a superhero.

To know more, you have to turn back the dial on Marvel comic book history to the early 1970s. More Black superheroes were starting to become a reality at Marvel then thanks to Stan Lee’s sense of inclusion.

Otherwise known as Jericho Drumm, the character comes from Haiti with an ingrained ability to do voodoo. He eventually joins The Avengers and also befriends Doctor Strange. At another point, he even replaces Doctor Strange to become Sorcerer Supreme (or Doctor Voodoo), according to CBR.

Would Daveed Diggs agree to be in the MCU?

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With the MCU seemingly recruiting everyone, it might not appeal to everyone that Diggs would become a part of a superhero franchise. Then again, it would make him an even bigger international star playing Brother Voodoo.

Some rumors have already popped up the character would be present in the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel, The Multiverse of Madness. As reported by Screen Rant, the graphics used to depict Brother Voodoo look quite a lot like Diggs. Even the hairstyle is near identical.

The only difference is that Brother Voodoo is clean-shaven in the comic books, something Diggs could easily do after sporting a beard over the last few years. His presence could also be compelling based on his stage and screen persona playing Thomas Jefferson in Hamilton.

What it ultimately comes down to is whether Diggs wants to devote extra time to a franchise when he already has so many TV/movie/stage irons in the fire.

Will Brother Voodoo take over for Doctor Strange eventually?

Everyone knows the MCU does not follow the comic book stories all that closely. Going by the comic book story of Brother Voodoo taking Doctor Strange’s place, it was already as revolutionary as Sam Wilson becoming Captain America in the upcoming Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Should Diggs join the MCU as Brother Voodoo, would he become the equivalent of a new Sam Wilson in taking over Doctor Strange? Perhaps this would happen if Benedict Cumberbatch wants to move on from the role after the sequel.

If so, whoever wins the role of Brother Voodoo could very likely follow in the good doc’s footsteps. Should it be Diggs, it would be his first foray into anything fantasy/superhero-related other than voicing the role of Norath Kev in the animated Star Wars Resistance. Or, maybe playing Thomas Jefferson really was a bit of a taste at being a superhero.