David Cassidy: Every Celebrity Who Has Spoken About His Death on Social Media

A 1970s teen heartthrob has passed away. David Cassidy, known for his role as Keith Partridge and his pop singing career, died on Nov. 21, 2017, at the age of 67 due to liver and kidney failure.

Though he hasn’t spent much time in the limelight in recent years, Cassidy was beloved amongst the Hollywood community. Here are the celebrities who have shared their condolences for his passing.

Maureen McCormick

McCormick starred in another popular 1970s TV show about a singing family: The Brady Bunch. She took to Twitter to share how “kind and sweet” Cassidy was to her, and how she “dreamt of being a Partridge.”

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Harry Connick Jr

A breakout musician of the ‘90s as well as a successful actor, Harry Connick Jr had this in common with Cassidy. Cassidy was a guest on Connick Jr’s talk show, Harry, in November 2016, and the Will & Grace actor tweeted that it was “such a pleasure to have had him on [his] show.”

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Danny Bonaduce

Many now know Danny Bonaduce for his VH1 stardom in the early ‘00s, but he got his start playing opposite Cassidy in The Partridge Family. In a sentimental tweet, Bonaduce wrote that he has known Cassidy since he was 10 years old, and that “he was as kind to [him] as any real brother ever could be.”

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Larry King

Larry King is familiar with the lives of many, many celebrities dating back decades, including Cassidy and his father, actor Jack Cassidy, who passed away in 1976. King touched upon the similarities between the two men (both of whom struggled with alcoholism), writing “Like his father Jack he had great talent, and a complicated life.”

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Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond and her brothers came of age as pop stars at the same time as Cassidy, so she was well-acquainted with the late celebrity. She tweeted out several teen magazine covers that she shared with Cassidy, adding that she was “heartbroken” over his death.

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Lori Loughlin


Even celebrities have celebrity crushes. Full House’s Lori Loughlin shared the music video for Cassidy’s hit song, “I Woke Up in Love This Morning,” confessing that her “preteen heart is [broken heart emoji].”

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Scott Baio

Today, he often makes other celebrities angry with his unwavering support of President Trump, but Scott Baio was once best known as for his roles in popular ‘70s and ‘80s sitcoms like Happy Days and Charles in Charge. Baio tweeted his sadness over Cassidy’s death, calling him “extremely talented.”

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Alexa PenaVega

Most of the celebs who commented on Cassidy’s death were close in age to him. But, Alexa PenaVega, who played his daughter in the short-lived comedy Ruby & The Rockits, expressed her sympathies, saying that she was “proud and honored to have worked with one of the best.”

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Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller voiced his own message regarding Cassidy’s passing, commenting on the impact The Partridge Family had on his childhood. “He made a huge impact on my cultural universe,” Stiller wrote.

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Katie Couric

Broadcast journalist and media figure Katie Couric shared a photo of her and Cassidy on Twitter, which she said was from 2012 when he appeared on her talk show, Katie. Couric added that Cassidy “was such a part of [her] childhood and if you’re close to [her] age and a woman, probably yours too.”

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Despite their very different styles of music, the rock band Nickelback’s Twitter account sent out a message regarding Cassidy’s passing. “The world lost a true icon and good human being tonight. Rest in power,” wrote the group.

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Alyssa Milano

Lately, actress Alyssa Milano has been using her voice for activism, especially in support of her Charmed co-star Rose McGowan’s #MeToo campaign. But she took the time to tweet a simple “Rest In Peace” after Cassidy’s death was made public.

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I. Marlene King

Pretty Little Liars creator I. Marlene King was clearly a fan of Cassidy’s work. She tweeted out his famous lyrics, “I woke up in love this morning. Went to sleep with you on my mind.”

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Tom Arnold

Another actor who was familiar with Cassidy’s work is Tom Arnold, who expressed on Twitter how he wanted to “look like, sound like, just be him” in his youth. He that he was “lucky to get to know the sweet & very funny real David as an adult,” and that he “still wanted to be him” even then.

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Kevin Smith

Comedic actor and filmmaker Kevin Smith shared a video of Cassidy presenting at the MTV Music Awards in 1990. He wrote, “Cassidy’s Keith was one of my favorite TV characters. He was legit funny AND he could sing.”

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