David Gray: His Net Worth and Why 2020’s Such A Big Year For The British Artist

English singer David Gray at times seems to be, at least on the North American side of the Atlantic, one of the best-kept secrets in music. With a vocal sound bringing to mind a gravelly combination of American Bob Dylan and Irishman Van Morrison, Gray has a strong and loyal following of fans.

British singer David Gray
British singer David Gray | Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic

Although he’s never had a top 10 hit in the U.S., his shows are quickly and dependably sold out.

Find out the 51-year-old’s net worth plus the huge milestone he’s marking this year.

Gray’s big start

The Babylon singer released his first album, A Century Ends, in 1993. It wasn’t a success and those first years were for Gray, as for any beginning artist, a struggle. Working feverishly while feeling invisible to the very audience he was trying to build were difficult years.

Eventually, his hard work paid off enough to be noticed by Dave Matthews, who signed Gray to his According to Our Records label. In addition, the British artist was invited by Radiohead to open up their shows on their 1996 tour.

David Gray
David Gray | Michael Putland/Getty Images

The Liverpool School of Art graduate told the San Francisco Chronicle in 2001 about the moment his break finally came with his landmark album,White Ladder, and not a moment too soon.

“I hadn’t hit rock bottom when I recorded [White Ladder], but I probably would have if it had been ignored. That would have been the killer blow, but it charmed its way out there.”

Gray is marking the 20th anniversary of ‘White Ladder’

The Sail Away singer is celebrating the twentieth anniversary of White Ladder with an arena tour. He’ll be performing the album, in its entirety, accompanied by the same musicians with whom he recorded the album in his bedroom in 1999, using the same equipment heard on the album.

David Gray ‘Sail Away’ Official Video – from the album ‘White Ladder’

In addition, proving that the more things change, the more they stay the same, Gray is re-releasing the epic album on vinyl, remastered and reissued as a 20th anniversary edition on four LPs on vinyl, two CDs, and in digital format as well, all available on Feb. 14, 2020. The release will also include previously unreleased rarities, B-sides and demos.

“It’s an album that came from nowhere to steal the hearts of millions all over the world, completely transforming my life in the process,” Gray said in a statement. “Twenty years on and it feels like White Ladder is just as alive for people now as it was back then.”

Gray’s net worth

The artist’s net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth, is $8 million.

His White Ladder 20th anniversary tour will kick off with dates in the UK, then winding over to North America, with stops in Toronto, Michigan, Chicago, Milwaukee, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Berkeley, San Diego, Atlanta, Brooklyn, NYC, and Philadelphia, before ending in Boston, Massachusetts.

In his 2001 conversation with the San Francisco Chronicle, Gray stated, “It would be easy to reel off another White Ladder because we have the knowledge and the confidence to execute it. But it wouldn’t have the same sincerity. Something new will happen, but God knows what it will sound like. . . Once I get some calm and time, it will come pouring out.”

Clearly, something new did “happen” for Gray; he’s recorded seven albums since then, one more musically transformative than the one before it. But the multi-platinum White Ladder will always have a special place in Gray’s fans’ hearts.