David Harbour Says Captain America Could Totally Beat Red Guardian in a Fight

David Harbour fans were both excited and worried to hear that he’ll be playing superhero Red Guardian in the upcoming Black Widow movie. They’re worried because they fear this means he won’t be returning to Stranger Things. On the other hand, they’re excited because who could possibly be a better choice to play a superhero who could probably stand to hit the gym a little more often?

But although Red Guardian is shown in the trailer for the upcoming film struggling to fit into his suit, Harbour doesn’t seem one bit worried about the fitness of his character. Maybe it’s because he’s absorbed some of Red Guardian’s bravado, but Harbour is pretty sure he could take on Captain America and win. 

Red Guardian and Captain America – two of a kind

David Harbour looking at the camera to the side
David Harbour | Rich Fury/Getty Images

Superficially, the two superheroes seem like they’re from different worlds. After all, they are from different countries, with Red Guardian hailing from Russia during an era that pitted that country against America, with plenty of animosity on both sides. But when you scratch the surface, the two men have a lot in common. 

Like Captain America, Red Guardian is an ultra-elite soldier who was trained by his government. Red Guardian even wears a costume modeled after the flag of his country, so he wears a red suit with a Soviet star on the chest. He even has a shield that he uses in battle.

Even though Captain America isn’t in the new Black Widow movie, the similarities between the two naturally draw comparisons. 

People want to know which one would win

In a recent Instagram story, Harbour was asked who he thought would win in a fight: Captain America or Red Guardian? It’s a logical question, given their similarities. But Harbour took the question to heart, and he seemed to consider not how the two characters would fare, but how he and Chris Evans would stack up in a fight. 

First Harbour pointed out that neither of them is actually one of the characters they play, and that most of the fighting with shields is done by stunt doubles. That said, he seemed to feel pretty good about his odds.  “Do I think I could beat him a shield fight? I don’t know, he’s pretty strong,” Harbour mused. “I’m gonna say no, but I think I’m sneaky and I would give him a run for his shield money.”

Who is Red Guardian?

The newest addition to the MCU is more than just the Russian version of Captain America. He also seems to be related to Black Widow. In the comic book version of the story, his character was once married to Black Widow, who thinks he’s been dead for years. But the new movie seems to be approaching it a little differently. 

The trailer gives the impression that Red Guardian is a father figure to Black Widow. He not only looks like a father, with his not-so-superhero-like dad bod, but he also refers to a meeting between him, Black Widow, and her sister Yelena as a family reunion. Is he Natasha’s biological dad, or did he serve a fatherly role in her intense training? 

Clearly Harbour’s character plays an important part in the upcoming Black Widow movie. And although Captain America isn’t going to make an appearance in this film – or any other one, probably – it’s only natural that people would think of him when they see his Russian counterpart.

But it seems that the only showdown that’s going to happen between Red Guardian and Captain America is in Harbour’s mind. That’s probably a good thing for him because at least in his imagination he can see himself winning.