David Harbour to Play Villain Taskmaster in ‘Black Widow’ Movie?

With the Black Widow movie on the horizon, and pivotal cast members already announced, information concerning David Harbour’s Marvel counterpart – based on leaked photos and statements made by previously credible sources – has become mother’s milk to Marvel enthusiasts.

David Harbour
David Harbour | Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Fans have taken to the internet to express their desires concerning Harbour’s character and – though many initially assumed he would take on Natasha’s father, followed by rumors that he would embody The Thing from the Fantastic Four – recent findings weave a different narrative.

Given that Stranger Things star David Harbour is one of the “big names” joining the franchise, it’s unlikely that he will be relegated to second fiddle; meaning, he is destined for villainy, a family relation, or some serious sidekick responsibilities. If parsing together leaked photos and the information we have regarding the rest of the cast, Stranger Things alumn David Harbour is likely set to take on The Taskmaster in the upcoming Black Widow movie. 

Leaked photos from the ‘Black Widow’ set suggest that Taskmaster will be the villain

Based on a photo shared to various social media outlets, Black Widow will likely face off against the Taskmaster in the upcoming film. The photo features a character – garbed in a blue and silver suit – standing atop a military tank, as Inverse explains.  

The costume is eerily similar to the comic book incarnation of Taskmaster, which has led many fans to believe that the formidable foe – one of Marvel’s most infamous – is set to appear in the Black Widow standalone film. 

It is also important to note that the costume resembles Darkhawk; however, as Inverse explains, Darkhawk is more of a vigilante who would require a few character adjustments to fit within the “admirable adversary” box. Though Marvel is known for altering comic book creations, this seems like more of a narrative stretch than Taskmaster.

While we cannot know for certain who is inside the suit, the figure appears to be male (based on physical stature). So far, there are three male actors revealed to be starring in Black Widow: O.T. Fagbenle, David Harbour, and Ray Winstone. Winstone – a bit older – doesn’t naturally fit with contemporary trends concerning villains, nor does his body match the photo. 

With Fagbenle and Harbour left, there seem to be only two options, and the movie would likely fare better with Harbour’s name in the villain slot come ticket sales. However, Fagbenle may be a better fit the part. 

Who is Marvel’s Taskmaster? 

Whether Harbour or Fagbenle is set to take on the Taskmaster remains to be seen; however, it is probable that this is the villain destined to oppose Natasha. So, what do we know about him?

Tony Masters (Taskmaster) learned that he could replicate peoples’ exact movements after observing them for only a brief moment. As an adult, he joined S.H.I.E.L.D; however, during one mission, he discovered the serum that turned Steve Rogers into Captain America. With the serum injected, Masters was able to rival his greatest opponents, for his imitational abilities were amplified. As the serum continued to alter his abilities, he became the Taskmaster.

As Inverse explains, the Taskmaster is a logical choice for the Black Widow movie since, similar to Natasha, he doesn’t possess superpowers (per se). Realistically, Natasha would not stand the best chance, alone, against a villain who could fly or shoot energy balls from their hands.