‘Days of Our Lives’ Speculation for July 12: Which Character Is ‘Spiraling’?

Days of Our Lives continues to enchant viewers with the trials and travails of the fictional town of Salem. But there’s a character whose storyline may soon show him spiraling out of control. Let’s take a look at the latest speculation of the hit NBC daytime drama.

[Spoiler alert: Potential spoilers for upcoming episodes of Days of Our Lives ahead.]

Days of Our Lives speculation on Rafe Hernandez suggests he's spiraling out of control
The cast of ‘Days of Our Lives’ | Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

‘Days of Our Lives’ is hinting at a breakdown for Rafe Hernandez

Salem’s top cop can’t keep it together forever. And according to SoapHub, the upcoming episodes of Days of Our Lives are going to prove how much he can’t maintain the “tough guy” facade for much longer.

Rafe’s conversation with ‘Duke’ is at the core of his downward spiral. ‘Duke’ represents his pent-up rage. That pent-up rage led to him having a whole argument with a teddy bear. And while this may just be a temporary detour, the latest speculation suggests that this is just the first of many breakdowns that will lead to Rafe spiraling out of control.

His personal life is on a downward spiral

As if Rafe’s past with Hope — who, some Days of Our Lives fans speculate, he still can’t get over — wasn’t bad enough, his current situation with Nicole Walker Brady is dominating his life. Even when he sleeps with Ava, Rafe can’t get Nicole out of his mind. But this is quickly becoming a problem.

The upcoming Days of Our Lives episode spoilers by Soaps @ SheKnows reveal that Nicole isn’t sitting home crying about Rafe. On the contrary: on the June 15th episode, Nicole will finally be reunited with Eric, her true love. And as they plan their anniversary party — especially given the history of how social events in Salem tend to go — Rafe may be forced to take drastic measures to fulfill his fantasies about the woman he can’t get enough of.

Will Rafe make a quick recovery?

As with most things in the Days of Our Lives world, there’s never an easy answer to any of these speculations. While it’s entirely possible that Rafe will “spiral,” it’s also entirely possible that he will turn the proverbial ship around. He is Salem’s top cop, after all.

And even Ava thinks that her man’s conversation with the teddy bear is “adorable.” It’s possible that the writers could play off this temporary detour as a personality quirk and not a symptom of a larger problem.

But it’s even more possible that something drastic could happen to Rafe — a nervous breakdown, or a rare disease — for which he will be in treatment. At that point, certainly, the matter of his love life will resolve itself (will he choose Nicole or Ava?) and things will be back to normal. For now, anyway.

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