DC Fandome: Chris Pine Shares How Returning for ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Made Him Feel Like an ‘8-Year-Old Kid’

Chris Pine joined the DC Fandome panel for Wonder Woman 1984. Fans are still waiting to see how his character, Steve Trevor, returns in the sequel. Warner Bros. released a new trailer for the film which shows Trevor even more out of his element in the year 1984 with Diana Prince (Gal Gadot).

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for the first Wonder Woman.] 

Chris Pine and Gal Gadot
Chris Pine and Gal Gadot | Clay Enos/DC Comics

Pine told the DC Fandome audience how his second appearance as Steve Trevor reminded him to stay humble and excited about everything. Wonder Woman 1984 is due in theaters Oct. 2. Watch the new trailer below.

Chris Pine in ‘Wonder Woman’

Technically, the first time fans saw Pine as Steve Trevor was in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) finds the old WWI photo of Diana and her squad, which includes Trevor. Wonder Woman shows how Trevor met Diana, when he crash landed on her island and brought her back to society.

Wonder Woman 1984 in Washington D.C.
Chris Pine and Gal Gadot | Clay Enos/DC Comics

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Trevor didn’t make it out of the first Wonder Woman movie. He sacrificed himself flying a bomb away from innocent victims. The WWI photo is the only thing Dianah as to remember him by. The new trailer doesn’t exactly say how Trevor is back, but he is. 

Chris Pine tells DC Fandome Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman’s roles are reversed

During WWI, Trevor was the then-modern man of the world. Diana had never been off her island so everything in the modern world was a surprise to her, especially ice cream. Now it’s Trevor’s turn to be impressed by 1984, he said at DC Fandome.

“That interesting curiosity, I would say, was as a good lesson for me as a human being to remind myself to open up and not be so cool, not be so over everything,” Pine told DC Fandome. “My job again is to be in love with Gal which is not a hard gig and try to make her giggle which is always fun.”

DC Fandome Wonder Woman 1984 panel
Gal Gadot and Chris Pine | Warner Bros.

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The trailer shows Trevor reacting to parachute pants, and a bit overwhelmed by radar technology. Jenkins also said Pine is downplaying his role in the film. 

“He does so much more than that but I like that you always sum it up that way,” Jenkins told DC Fandome. 

This made Chris Pine feel like a kid again, he tells DC Fandome

Wonder Woman 1984 features scenes in Washington, D.C. and the production really filmed there. The trailer shown at DC Fandome features scenes on the mall, in front of national monuments. That brought Pine right back to childhood. 

“In Washington, the fact that we shut down all of Pennsylvania Ave to make this huge film, the little 8-year-old kid in you can’t believe you’re doing what you’re doing and you get the privilege of doing it,” Pine told DC Fandome. “It feels like a dream in some kind of way. You’re stepping into the fantasy of playing make believe on this scale in all the films that you ever wanted to be in as a kid. That was a pretty special moment I think.”