DCEU: Henry Cavill’s Superman Will Be Very Different in Upcoming Movies

Since the 2017 release of Justice League, several key questions have surrounded the DC Extended Universe. The main one fans have focused on has been whether director Zack Snyder’s version would ever be released. That’s a question we now have an answer for.

But another big DCEU mystery has been Henry Cavill’s future. The actor debuted as Superman in Man of Steel. And he reprised the role for two films beyond that, including Justice League. But, until recently, it seemed like he might be done with the character.

Reportedly, Cavill’s Superman may be still in the picture. Whether in a Man of Steel sequel or another film, fans reportedly haven’t seen the last of him. But that doesn’t mean fans should know what to expect the next time the DCEU Superman does show up.

Henry Cavill at 'The Witcher' premiere
Henry Cavill at ‘The Witcher’ premiere | Karwai Tang/WireImage

‘Man of Steel’ presented a new vision of the Superman mythos

With 2013’s Man of Steel, Snyder gave Superman a much-needed refresh. Most often, the hero is depicted as a big blue Boy Scout. A paragon of virtue and unflappable certainty, this image was solidified by Christopher Reeves’ iconic performance.

But Snyder went a very different route. Cavill’s Superman wasn’t sure of much of anything. He hadn’t yet emerged as the symbol he would become. In fact, that evolution was entirely the point of Snyder’s approach to Superman.

In a recent piece by The Hollywood Reporter, producer Deborah Snyder admitted as much with regards to how Justice League intended to complete that arc.

“[Justice League] was the culmination of a hero’s journey that all these characters went on,” Deborah Snyder told THR. “And the idea was always to build them up to be the heroes people expected them to be.”

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Henry Cavill never truly gave up the role in the DC Extended Universe

So when Cavill does make his triumphant return, his Superman will more closely resemble the traditional version of the character. For all its flaws, the theatrical Justice League did at least stay true to that fact. When he returns there, Superman is unburdened and lighter than ever. In all likelihood, that would also make the hero a lot more fun for Cavill to play.

For his part, the actor never truly stepped away from the franchise. He has kept busy with movies like Mission: Impossible — Fallout and Netflix series The Witcher. Unlike Ben Affleck, Cavill always maintained an openness to come back to the DCEU. Despite his other projects, he has remained hopeful for his Superman return. The franchise just needed to decide on a direction.

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Cavill’s Superman probably will appear next in another hero’s movie

Perhaps the Justice League Snyder cut may course-correct Superman’s future in the DCEU. But right now, the franchise has its hands full. A full-on Man of Steel sequel is looking more likely now than ever before. But it probably won’t come together for a while.

If Cavill has committed to playing Superman again, Warner Bros. probably doesn’t want to string him along for another few years. Rather, they would opt to bring him back to the screen as soon as possible. Recent reports have claimed Cavill will next appear in another hero’s movie.

Fans are betting that means Superman will show up — at least briefly — in Shazam! 2. The ending of the first film teased a Cavill reveal that didn’t happen. So it’s not inconceivable the Man of Steel could pop up there. After all, the inevitable Justice League 2 will almost certainly include Shazam. Why not have Cavill’s Superman extend an invite to Shazam?