DC’s ‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer: Unlike Anything We’ve Ever Seen

Even with Marvel debuting the second season of Agent Carter, it’s safe to say that DC has been winning the week. They kicked things off with the midseason premiere of The Flash, followed directly by an hour-long special that took fans through the upcoming Justice League movies, culminating with the debut of a brand new Suicide Squad trailer. Squad breaks from the mold of DC and Warner’s decidedly more serious tone in every possible way, and has quickly become the most anticipated comic book film this side of Deadpool. 

The latest trailer did nothing but confirm all our greatest hopes, giving us tons of goodies along the way. In it, we get see each member of the antihero team, a couple teases at the story, and of course another good, hard look at Jared Leto’s Joker. So without further ado, here’s our full breakdown.

1. Jay Hernandez as El Diablo, introducing non-alien superpowers to the DC film universe

El Diablo - Suicide Squad, Jay Hernandez
Source: Warner Bros.

Warner/DC has made a concerted effort to clearly outline the boundaries of their superhero universe. Superman’s powers are a result of his Kryptonian origin. Batman doesn’t have any superpowers at all. Wonder Woman comes from society of warriors. Right off the bat in the Suicide Squad though, we see El Diablo showing off some distinctly magic firepower. As we’ll find out later, the ability to create and control fire is one of the least crazy things about the whole movie, but it still establishes a distinctly evolved and different DC world from what we’ve seen.

2. Welcome to Belle Reve Prison

Suicide Squad - Harley Quinn, Margot Robbie
Source: Warner Bros.

This one’s hidden in a quick cut to Harley Quinn reading in her cell, but you can clearly see “Site Bravo” printed on Harley’s pant-leg. Fans of the source material will recognize that as a nod to the prison introduced in the very first Suicide Squad comic, where all our reformed villains are held by the nefarious Amanda Waller.

3. Rick Flag with a powered-down Enchantress

Rick Flagg, Joel Kinneman - Suicide Squad
Source: Warner Bros.

Rick Flag is often cast as the reluctant leader of the Suicide Squad, and the only one of the team who doesn’t fit firmly into the “psychotic super-villain” category. Here we see him reading off the roster of his band of misfits, while Cara Delevingne stands behind him. If you may recall, Delevingne is better known as her villain Enchantress, although here we see her alter ego June Moon looking decidedly more well put together. Flag does make note of her Squad role though, so perhaps her bouts as the possessed Enchantress are periodic and unpredictable.

4. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Killer Croc

Killer Croc - Suicide Squad
Source: Warner Bros.

Killer Croc was always going to be one of the more difficult characters to translate over to live-action film, and it appears as though DC/Warner has managed to successfully make that translation. Croc’s own reptilian disposition comes from a childhood illness, granting him scaled skin, sharpened teeth, super-strength, and a taste for human flesh. Keeping all that under control will be no small task for Waller and company, but we imagine it’ll have something to do with implanting a remote detonating exploding chip in each Squad member’s head to keep everyone in line.

5. A better look at Enchantress in fully-powered form

Cara Delevigne, Enchantress - Suicide Squad
Source: Warner Bros.

The possessed version of Cara Delevingne’s Enchantress looks like something straight out of a horror movie — likely by design from the Suicide Squad crew. June Moon’s close connection we see with Rick Flag earlier in the trailer hint at a relationship that’s less than criminal, although keeping a powerful witch spirit in check will probably play in heavily to her contributions to the team.

6. Adam Beach as Slipknot

Slipknot - Suicide Squad
Source: Warner Bros.

No one will blame you for not recognizing Slipknot, given his status as a third-tier DC character whose abilities are centered around an expertise with, you guessed it, knots. We don’t see or hear much from him in the latest trailer, making it seem as though he either doesn’t make it to the end, or simply isn’t a large part of the team. It’s probably not a terrible idea to sideline Slipknot early on, but in fairness, a mastery of knots is no more ridiculous than some of the other abilities featured in the Squad.

7. The (almost) full Squad

Suicide Squad
Source: Warner Bros.

Now here’s where things get a little mysterious. Meant to be an establishing shot of our assembled Suicide Squad, still left out are Killer Croc, Enchantress, and Slipknot. Their absence could mean any number of things, but the fact that Amanda Waller doesn’t expect any or all of her team members to survive makes any one of them expendable (hence the dubious title).

8. A trailer that’s heavy on Joker appearances

Jared Leto, the Joker - Suicide Squad
Source: Warner Bros.

Above we see one of many appearances Jared Leto makes as the Joker, leading us to wonder just how much of a role his character will be playing in a movie already jam-packed with characters. There’s been a ton of buzz surrounding the latest try at the iconic Batman villain, and with a world class actor like Leto, you can bet Warner will be getting their money’s worth.

9. Karen Fukuhara as Katana, featuring her soul-capturing sword

Katana - Suicide Squad
Source: Warner Bros.

Up until now, we hadn’t seen much of Karen Fukuhara as Katana. Now though, we’re getting a good look at her and her aptly-named blade, Soultaker. The sword captures the soul of every enemy it defeats, shown in the skull-shaped mist emanating in the screen-grab above. Later on in the trailer, we see Katana’s pupils go white, demonstrating her ability to communicate and channel the souls in her weapon.

10. Is this our first look at Suicide Squad‘s main villain?

Suicide Squad
Source: Warner Bros.

It appears in only a quick cut, but we can clearly see some sort of creature shooting what appears to be some sort of tentacle at a subway train. Other flashes in the trailer tease at some sort of infection turning people into out-of-control monsters, which probably explains why a group of expendable villains is our first line of defense. With little in the way of story yet, the figure we see above is our best hint at a big bad, albeit one we’ve yet to identify.

11. Harley Quinn is born

Joker and Harley Quinn, Jared Leto and Margot Robbite - Suicide Squad
Source: Warner Bros.

The origin story behind Harley Quinn is nothing short of terrifying: She was originally a psychiatrist studying the Joker, but eventually the Joker drives her insane and then tosses her into the same vat of chemicals that caused his own transformation. This became the root of her Joker-centric obsessions, painting a picture of a nightmarish descent into insanity. It looks at though we’ll be getting the full story in Suicide Squad too, and honestly, any excuse to see more Jared Leto is well worth it.

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