‘Deadpool 3’ Could Start a Whole New Trilogy When Ryan Reynolds Joins the MCU

Everyone’s so concerned about the X-Men and the Fantastic Four. Poor Deadpool tends to get lost in the shuffle. Though technically part of the X-Men, the Ryan Reynolds character is really his own franchise at this point. And like his fellow mutants and the Fantastic Four, “the Merc with the Mouth” is en route to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now fans might have just learned more about what Marvel Studios has planned for Deadpool 3.

A fan cosplays as Deadpool during 2017 New York Comic Con
A fan cosplays as Deadpool during 2017 New York Comic Con | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool is joining the MCU, but how?

Unlike the other Marvel superheroes formerly owned by Fox, Deadpool is capable of making a much looser transition. In all likelihood, Reynolds will be the only actor from the X-Men to regularly reprise his role. And Deadpool is so self-aware all his debut appearance would require is a quip about his new environment. Then boom, he’s in the MCU.

But when will Deadpool appear? And how far will Disney let Marvel Studios take him? In his own films, Deadpool spits out profanity constantly, and his ultraviolent tendencies clash with the more family-friendly MCU. Reynolds has confirmed Deadpool’s arrival in the franchise will be “kinda crazy.” But it’s hard to imagine Deadpool 3 going as hard as its predecessors.

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‘Deadpool 3’ could be a fresh start for the character

Perhaps fans have just been looking at Deadpool’s upcoming MCU debut the wrong way. Instead of a traditional Deadpool 3, the movie might actually launch a whole new story for the character. And according to a new rumor, this is exactly how Marvel Studios will approach him.

We Got This Covered reports that Deadpool will headline at least three more solo films in the MCU. Though the site doesn’t disclose how the character will be introduced, Marvel Studios has finally decided on a path forward. And the company intends to fast-track Reynolds’ MCU debut.

This approach tracks with recent comments from Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld. He previously blamed Kevin Feige for delaying Deadpool’s first MCU movie. And the notion of a trilogy of solo Deadpool movies fits with how the MCU traditionally handles heroes like Iron Man and Captain America.

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Can the MCU successfully transfer Deadpool without alienating fans?

The news of more Deadpool is no doubt music to the ears of most Marvel fans. However, the implication of starting a new trilogy could mean a “soft reboot” for the character. After all, the MCU is keeping Reynolds in the role. But what about the world he built in the first two Deadpool movies? After all, 2016’s Deadpool works because it feels true to the character.

The MCU might consider toning down the language, sexuality, and violence to make a better fit. Likewise, supporting characters like Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), Domino (Zazie Beetz), and Cable (Josh Brolin) all still had stories to tell. Hopefully, Marvel Studios will find a way to integrate Deadpool with the MCU without sacrificing what fans love about his solo movies to date.