‘Deadpool 3’: Spider-Man and Deadpool’s Complex Relationship to Commence?

Various reports have indicated that Deadpool will pop up in the MCU, joining the soiree in PG-13 fashion when he’s not the main star. However, the Merc with a Mouth will remain R-Rated in his standalone installments. Meaning, there could be a conflict when it comes to determining who will join Deadpool when he is off on solo missions and needs a little assistance. 

Deadpool and Spider-Man
Deadpool and Spider-Man | Disney XD via Getty Images

In the comic books, Deadpool teams up with various Avengers and X-Men; yet, prior to the Fox/Disney merger, working out such narratives was virtually impossible. Now that Disney has the rights to all the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, some epic mash-ups should be on the horizon. And, rumor has it, a couple of Avengers may be joining Deadpool in his next solo film.

According to We Got This Covered, Marvel Studios is considering dropping a few major Avengers into the R-Rated Deadpool 3 film, likely to be announced in the near future. Sources close to the outlet — the same ones who knew Marvel was planning to bring Charlie Cox’s Daredevil into the MCU, which has been corroborated by Daniel RPK — informed the outlet that Spidey, Nick Fury, and/or Sam Wilson’s Captain America may make an appearance in Deadpool 3.

If Marvel Studios decides to go with a Spidey-Deadpool team-up, the MCU will be able to explore one of the comic book’s most interesting and complex dynamics, which is the very reason Spidey seems like the most likely culprit to team up with Deadpool. 

Inside Deadpool and Spider-Man’s complex relationship 

Let’s start with the most obvious, and work our way to the nitty-gritty history. Deadpool’s costume was inspired by Spidey’s look; you just need to glimpse at the two heroes side-by-side to spot the endless similarities. Deadpool exists as the foul-mouthed antithesis to the friendly neighborhood Parker. 

One is a hero; the other is an antihero. One is the nice guy who feels morally compelled to do the right thing, cracking a few PG jokes while kicking butt; the other does what he has to do, and cracks some inappropriate jokes while slicing off people’s most prized appendages.

You get the idea: these two boast complementary personalities that would make for movie magic, especially in the humor department. However, they also boast a love-hate relationship in several comic book iterations, which would be enjoyable to witness on the silver screen. 

Deadpool has met several different versions of Spider-Man; however, as CBR notes, he met the main continuity Spider-Man in 2006. The first thing Spidey and Deadpool did: they got into a fight. Deadpool tossed Parker over a bridge while Parker was with a fellow reporter, and their relationship blossomed from there. In one comic book tale, Deadpool tries to off Spidey; in others, he hates him but is always there for him. 

If the MCU chooses to capitalize on this fraught dynamic, the landscape will introduce one of the most complex relationships to date, as it won’t be good vs. bad or good guy plus another good guy against the bad guy. Rather, these two will butt heads, but they will likely stand by each other’s side when push comes to shove,  making for an exciting and new dynamic in the MCU.