Dean Hashim Says He Isn’t Done With ’90 Day Fiancé’ Yet Despite ‘Pillow Talk’ Absence

Fans of 90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk have recently noticed that one of their favorite pairs has been notably absent. Dean Hashim and Tarik Myers, who often have fans in stitches over their cutting commentary on the show, have not appeared recently. 

There have been some rumors floating around that Hashim and Myers aren’t on the show due to backlash over comments they made about another cast member, but Hashim says that’s not the case. In fact, he says fans should expect to see more of him in the near future.

‘90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk’ is a rotating cast

Previously, Dean Hashim had made some negative comments about fellow 90 Day Fiancé star Tim Malcolm on The Domenick Nati Show. While he has since apologized for those comments, some fans suspected they might be the reason why the duo hasn’t been on 90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk recently. 

Hashim has since quelled those rumors. While appearing on another episode of The Domenick Nati Show, Hashim said, “Well we’re not on Pillow Talk right now, that part is true. The part that is an untruth is that it’s because of Tim. No, it ain’t got nothing to do with Tim.”

Hashim wanted to remind viewers that the cast of the show is always changing, and that it’s simply the nature of the show. “I’m not gonna go into detail, I’m still under NDA. But this right here is something I’m gonna say to people that’s common sense, and people forget this — dude, the pillow talk cast is a rotating cast, okay? It’s a rotating cast, that cast is always changing,” added Hashim.

Hashim takes to Instagram Live

The Domenick Nati Show wasn’t the only place where Dean Hashim got real about Pillow Talk and all the rumors he’s been hearing since he stopped appearing on the show with Tarik Myers. 

“Ain’t not beef between me and TLC, in fact, hold up — BAM!” said Myers during his Instagram Live session, while pulling on a TLC cap. “I’m reppin’ out here, I’m still reppin’ TLC you know what I’m saying?”

Dropping big hints

However, the 90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk star went on to add that there are big things in the future for him and the TLC franchise. He dropped some pretty big hints that fans might be seeing even more of him, very soon. 

“But you know, I wanna say something else with that — it’s not the last you’re gonna see me in the franchise guys, hint hint. Okay, think about, it’s not the last you’re gonna see me in the franchise, one door closes, another door opens, always,” Hashim said. He added, “One day you guys will probably all get to share this adventure with me, hint hint, not the last.”

Domenick Nati floated the idea that it might be 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way that Hashim is hinting at, but Hashim wasn’t able to confirm or deny the guess. 

Fan reactions to the big hints

Dean Hashim has a lot of fans when it comes to 90 Day Fiancé, so it’s no surprise they’re happy to hear him dropping hints about reappearing on the franchise. 

One commenter speculated, “MAYBE he went to the Philippines to be with his girlfriend HE just went there found her and that is it. He said he wanted to live over there.”

One YouTube user commented, “I’m so glad you have a channel so I can tune into you. You and your brother was hilarious on pillow talk, that was one of the main reasons I watched. You deserve your own show anyway! I’m subscribing to your podcast as well, and anything else you have going on. Pillow talk was just a stepping stone, now on to bigger and better. Do your thang!”