A Deleted ‘Iron Man’ Scene Reveals When Tony Stark Learned About Spider-Man

We can’t get enough of the Marvel Cinematic Universe of the past, even as we enter into a brand new phase. And this goes double when it comes to fan-favorites like Iron Man and Spider-Man. Now, a newly-released clip reveals that Tony knew about his future protege long before he was introduced.

‘Iron Man’ kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe

In 2008, Iron Man premiered in theaters worldwide. Though we didn’t know it at the time, the introduction of Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark, a wealthy tech genius who becomes the titular hero, was the beginning of the MCU.

However, we did have some indication that there was more to come. In the post-credit scene (the first of its kind), Samuel L. Jackson‘s Nick Fury is introduced. Fury tells Stark that he’s not the only superhero out there, and mentions “the Avenger Initiative.”

Tony Stark becomes a mentor to Peter Parker

Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. at the premiere of "Spider-Man: Homecoming"
Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. at the premiere of “Spider-Man: Homecoming” | Todd Williamson/Getty Images

Fast-forward to years down the line. Many other heroes, from popular characters like Captain America to relative unknowns like the Guardians of the Galaxy, have been brought into the world. But one of the most popular Marvel heroes, Spider-Man, remained the property of Sony.

That is, until the two companies struck up a deal, allowing a new Peter Parker (played by Tom Holland) to exist in two universes. This brought about the father-son-esque relationship between Tony and Peter.

Now, Spider-Man has left the MCU

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You know what happened next. Fans watched as Tony cried over Peter vanishing in the decimation, worked hard to bring him back, and then it was Peter’s turn to sob as Tony sacrificed himself in the final battle against Thanos. Spider-Man: Far From Home saw Peter grow up a bit — but nothing could have prepared us for what came next.

Apparently, there was an issue over Marvel’s continued use of the character of Spider-Man, specifically as it concerns Kevin Feige‘s executive producer credit (and, ostensibly, creative control) within Sony’s films. Because of this, it was announced that the character would no longer appear in the MCU.

Kevin Feige shows the deleted scene from ‘Iron Man’

As we’re all still working to get over the Marvel-Sony feud and worrying about what’s to come both for Spidey and for the MCU, Feige has gifted us with some new, old content — a different version of the Iron Man post-credits scene. Check out the video above.

In it, Fury begins, “As if gamma accidents, radioactive bug bites, and assorted mutants weren’t enough, I have to deal with a spoiled brat who doesn’t play with others and wants to keep all his toys to himself.” It then continues to his introduction, similar to what was released, after which Tony asks, “What are we avenging?” and Fury replies, “Whatever the hell we want.”

A callback in ‘The Avengers’

Fun fact, for those who haven’t watched the MCU films repeatedly: Despite Fury’s comments there being cut from the official release, Tony Stark must have heard about them somehow. Because he references them later.

In The Avengers, Agent Coulson comes to talk to Tony about the new mission. Tony says that he thought the whole thing “was scrapped,” adding, “I didn’t even qualify. Apparently I’m volatile, self-obsessed, don’t play well with others.”

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